County seeks input on future of Mirror curling rink

As a main feature in the downtown of Mirror, the curling rink was the hub of the community up until a few years ago.

As a main feature in the downtown of Mirror, the curling rink was the hub of the community up until a few years ago.

The Mirror Curling Club ceased operations in 2011 and terminated their lease on the building. Now for the past four years, the building has sat unused and is slowly deteriorating.

Lacombe County councillors were presented with a few options regarding the future of the County-owned facility at a recent council meeting. “The records indicate the building was built in 1961 with two by four studs on a concrete foundation,” stated Manager of Operations Phil Lodermeier in his report to council.

“The exterior is metal and the rink portion has a sand floor. The lobby area appears to be in reasonable condition and has been well maintained.”

Lodermeier noted the assessed value of the building is $138,740 with the land that the rink sits on assessed at $36,660.

“The building is quickly deteriorating and we should make a decision regarding its fate since it will become an eyesore and potentially a dangerous site if ignored much longer.”

Lodermeier stated the first option the County has is to offer the building for sale, with either the purchaser choosing to fix up the facility or pushing over the building themselves. A second option is for the County to demolish the building, in order to sell the land.

Approximately $50,000 was allocated in the 2014 budget for the demolition of the curling rink. The has carried over into the 2015 budget. “Council should determine if they want to offer the building and land for sale and what the expectation for the sale price is or if the County should just demolish the building,” stated Lodermeier. “It is perceived the building has little or no value until if and when the changes to the Mirror Area Structure Plan (ASP) are endorsed.”

Councillors decided the issue would be put to the public for consultation. Also during a meeting on Feb. 12th, the Mirror ASP was brought forward for approval. Council gave first reading, which will help guide future development in the hamlet.

Features of the proposed ASP are a newly-added residential district, a plan to support the revitalization of Main Street and the addition of campgrounds into recreation areas. The plan has been presented to the public three times through a public consultation process, but before the final plan can be approved, a public hearing will be held to gather more community input.

The hearing regarding the ASP will be held April 8th at the Mirror Hall.