Creasey returns as Mayor of Lacombe

Was briefly up for election before being acclaimed

Jamie Hoover was elected Mayor of Blackfalds (Town of Blackfalds)

Jamie Hoover was elected Mayor of Blackfalds (Town of Blackfalds)

Results are still trickling in from some towns and county’s after last night’s Municipal Election.

The City of Lacombe has released the unofficial results for the 2021 City of Lacombe Election, with all polls reporting.

Grant Creasey has been acclaimed Mayor of Lacombe. Scott Dallas, Don Gullekson, Thalia Hibbs, Cora Hoekstra, Reuben Konnik and Chris Ross will serve as Councillors.

“Acclamation was an unusual experience. I hope the previous term satisfied the vast majority with the overall direction of Council. I look forward to continuing on that positive path in serving the citizens of Lacombe,” says Creasey, adding that he looks forward to continuing to encourage a positive and productive environment at City Hall. “The enhancements in our City suggest to me the efforts have been successful. The initial hurdle will be focusing on a budget that reflects our commitment to the community. I want to continue to concentrate on local access of goods and services for the benefit of us all.”

The City of Lacombe says that 2,415 out of approximately 11,000 eligible voters cast their votes in the election with a 22 per cent voter turnout.

In Lacombe County, Dwayne West (Division 4), Kenneth Weenink (Divsion 5) and Allan Wilson (Division 6) to be County Councillors.

In Blackfalds, voters elected Jamie Hoover for Mayor and Marina Appel, Brenda Dennis, Jim Sands, Rebecca Stendie, Laua Svab and Amanda Valin as Councillors.

Hoover says that when he heard the results he was excited and eager but also had a sense of anxiousness knowing that he now has a big job ahead of him.

“It’s pretty clear that many people in our community are divided. Particularly over COVID related restrictions. We’ve had to make some decisions that displeased either one side or the other and that’s been challenging our mandate to try and treat everyone in our community equally,” says Hoover. “I think on of the first priorities or out council is to com together to find ways to close those difficult divide and find ways to try and meet as many peoples needs as possible.”

“I reached out to my parents and some other friends and family to let them know the good news,” Hoover said of election night.

“I ended my night with a peaceful midnight walk around this great community, with my Deputy Dog Mayor, Finn and with a new perspective that I have the privilege and honour of representing it for the next four years.”

“Those who voted for me I want to say thank you for your support and trusting me. For those who didn’t, I want you to know that I will do my best to try and understand your perspectives and look after the community as a whole.”

Marina Appel, Brenda Dennis, Jim Sands, Rebecca Stendie, Laua Svab and Amanda Valin were voted to Town of Blackfalds Council and will serve as Councillors.

Official election results will be available Oct. 22.

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