Crestomere 4-H Multi Club report

Greetings to the community, I pledge my head to clear thinking my heart to greater loyalty my hand to larger service and my health to better living for my club, my community, my county and my world.

To begin our 4-H year we really focused on the community part of our pledge and giving back to the community.

Crestomere 4-H sheep project loaded up their sheep and headed to Lacombe. The members dressed up their sheep in creative and funky costumes. We had costumes from dinosaur, ballerinas, Goblins, Veterinarian and more.

We visited the Lacombe long term care from the outside.We had a sheep parade past every seniors window. Its not everyday you look out your window and see a sheep in a costume in the city! The smiles on the seniors faces were so big. This was a fun way to kick off the 4-H year.

We had our annual general meeting with an eager bunch of 4-H kids that were ready to get their 4-H year started.

This year our club has 44 members and 10 cleavers. Cleavers are members in training age six to eight years old.

Numerous club members are doing multiple projects. Project options this year include Sheep, Horticulture, Crafts, Poultry, Outdoors, Creative Option, Veterinary Science. Some members are also participating in the Provincial Steer Carcass Competition and the Green Certificate program.

The sheep project started their year with a workshop on anatomy and a jeopardy challenge.

Crafts are working on water color paintings, outdoors did their yearly plan and poultry learned interesting poultry facts and breeds.

Vet Science dissected chickens and learnt anatomy of chickens, Green Certificate did an orientation class for the program, Horticulture worked on composting and Creative Option worked at project planning and material gathering.

The club members look forward to an action packed year with many more days of Learning to Do By Doing.