ECHO Lacombe announces support for Neighbourhood Life Coffee Bike

ECHO Lacombe announces support for Neighbourhood Life Coffee Bike

To book the coffee bike, visit

ECHO Lacombe Association is proud to announce $4,400 in funding support for Neighbourhood Life’s ‘coffee bike’.

“This project demonstrates our commitment to building our community,” said ECHO Lacombe Association Vice-President Jana Fafard.

“The coffee bike is a fine example of a creative idea that will serve to connect Lacombe neighbourhoods.”

The coffee bike is available free of charge for those looking to host block parties, as well as select community events. All coffee supplies will be donated by Good Neighbour Coffee.

“I am excited by the opportunity to collaborate with the ECHO Lacombe Association. Their support will allow our initiative to continue to grow,” said Rick Abma of Neighbourhood Life.

“Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee to strike up a conversation.”

The coffee bike will also expose Echo Energy to wider numbers of residents who may not be familiar with the program.

“It really is a simple way to give back to Lacombe,” said Fafard.

“By signing up for electricity and gas with Echo Energy, you are enabling us to continue supporting community projects like the coffee bike or the Echo Stage at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.”

The ECHO Lacombe Association includes representatives from the City of Lacombe, Burman University and the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce, as well as an additional five members from the community at large.

The group seeks to improve the quality of life within Lacombe by fostering a collaborative environment focused on cultivating innovation, nurturing a business-friendly culture, promoting sustainable growth and creating a safe, inclusive, vibrant and healthy community.

For information on the Echo Energy program, and to apply for the ECHO Lacombe Fund, contact Guy Lapointe at 403-782-1263 or email

To book the coffee bike for your block party or event, please visit