Find the Right Fit offers fitness possibilities at no cost

Through the City of Lacombe’s program Find the Right Fit numerous fitness facilities in Lacombe have opened their doors.

Through the City of Lacombe’s program Find the Right Fit numerous fitness facilities in Lacombe have opened their doors to offer something for free to the public one day per month.

Like a fitness smorgasbord, Find the Right Fit allows Lacombians to sample a variety of fitness facilities throughout the month. From yoga and spin, Cross Fit, Zumba, swimming or bootcamp, the possibilities can be endless in the quest to find the right fit.

This past week a new provider has also been added to the number of participating facilities. POUND fitness, a rock out workout with lunges, squats and cardio using weighted drumsticks, will be open to the public on the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at All That Jazz Studio (5029 56A St.)

Sonya Beauclair, City of Lacombe Recreation and Culture administrative assistant said the idea behind Find the Right Fit is for participants to try out different fitness facilities and activities with no cost hindrance.

“We know that everyone has different fitness needs and likes different things, so the best way for them to find what works is to be able to try it and find the right fit,” said Beauclair.

The program launched on Jan. 1st and has been well attended thus far. When participants do attend a facility, they are required to check in so the City can gauge the success of the program. Some of the providers offer different classes, some are open all day, or have different times they are open to the public.

“You can basically take a month, try everything, see what you like and then hopefully you will sign up for whichever one you want to keep doing,” said Beauclair. “We know if you enjoy what you are doing, you are more likely to continue with it.”

There are some limitations to the program. Each facility has one day a month that allows attendees in for no cost. You can attend each facility a total of three times. The program is open to anyone living in the City of Lacombe or Lacombe County.

Some of the providers do have limited space so attendees are encouraged to show up early or contact the facility before hand to reserve a spot.

“As the ChooseWell leader for Lacombe, I am always trying to get people out and moving and eating healthy,” explained Beauclair. “The Active Alberta policy directs us to get more people more active more often and that’s exactly what we are trying to do.”

Find the Right Fit runs until the end of December. For more information call 403-782-1267 or visit for a full list of providers and dates.