Generous MEGlobal Prentiss employees help to raise $161,348 for United Way of Central Alberta

Donations in 2020 broke a record for the most money raised since 2004

MEGlobal presented a cheque for $161,348 to a representative from United Way of Central Alberta. (Photo contributed)

MEGlobal presented a cheque for $161,348 to a representative from United Way of Central Alberta. (Photo contributed)

MEGlobal Prentiss, that operates facilities in Lacombe County, has announced a record-breaking year for donations.

Employees donated $79,544 and that was matched dollar for dollar by MEGlobal. These contributions along with $2,260 raised through socially distanced special events lead to $161,348 in total donations.

This is almost $4,000 more than was raised last year.

Since 2004, the petrochemical company has operated an Employee Charity Campaign that allows employees the option to donate to United Way of Central Alberta (UWCA).

The campaign works by giving MEGlobal employees the option to choose how much they would like to donate and the amount will automatically come off of their paycheque.

Employees can decide if they want to donate in a lump sum or have a certain amount taken off each time they are paid. Employees are also free to donate in other ways and are not forced to contribute anything, the program is completely voluntary.

The partnership with UWCA has been going on for as long as the program has been around and Trish Thompson, Public Relations Manager for MEGlobal said she is really happy with the partnership.

“United Way is such a great partner because they provide flexibility to donors,” said Thompson.

“I think it’s pretty special and unique that they will manage the funding for another organization.”

UWCA works to connect local non-profits with funding and any other resources they might need in addition to helping their own causes and missions.

According to UWCA’s Chief Executive Officer Brett Speight, MEGlobal is one of the leading corporate contributors to the central Alberta area.

“Every year MEGlobal is one of the top contributors to our campaign, and this year with the challenges presented by COVID-19 and the need being greater than ever, they stepped up even more and had a record year,” said Speight.

Thompson said she wasn’t sure how the fundraiser would go this year with so many people impacted directly by the pandemic but was pleasantly surprised at the end result.

“This year we didn’t know what to expect but I think people are aware that the need in the community is greater than ever,” said Thompson.

Overall, MEGlobal employees and their corporate offices in North America will give more than $231,000 to the United Ways of Central Alberta, the Alberta Capital Region, Brazoria County, TX and Greater Houston, TX.

“So much of 2020 was doom and gloom, but in these darker times the generosity of many individual employees shines through,” said David Miller, MEGlobal Campaign spokesman.

“I am very proud of my fellow employees at Prentiss.”