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Lacombe Express File Photo

Lacombe County Council highlights – Dec. 13, 2018

Lacombe County held their last Council meeting of 2018

Bylaw No. 1280/18 public hearing

A second public hearing was held for Bylaw No.1280/18. Bylaw No. 1280/18, is a bylaw of Lacombe County for the purpose of adopting the Milton/Morningside Area Structure Plan. By resolution of Council a second public hearing was held based on additional information provided at the November 8, 2018 public hearing. Council subsequently gave second reading and third and final reading to Bylaw No. 1280/18 as amended.

Road naming request – Township Road 41-1

A request from the Nebraska Neighbours that the section of Township Road 41-3, from Range Road 24-3 to Highway 821, be named “Nebraska Road” did not receive the approval of Council.

Bylaw No. 1288/18 Town of Bentley/Lacombe County IDP

Bylaw No. 1288/18, a bylaw of Lacombe County to amend the Town of Bentley/Lacombe County Intermunicipal Development Plan Bylaw No. 1164/12, having been read a first time and second time, was read a third time by Council and finally passed.

Alternative land use service (ALUS)

Marilyn Sharp, Chair of the Lacombe County ALUS Committee provided an update on the activities and initiatives of the ALUS Committee.

City of Lacombe/Gary Moe Sportsplex funding

With regard to the City of Lacombe’s 2015-2017 Arena Modernization Project the contractor failed to summit a number of invoices related to work on the east expansion phase in December 2017. The total cost of the outstanding invoices amounts to $246,625.20. The City of Lacombe has requested that Lacombe County contribute $73,494.31.

Funding for this project was previously approved by County Council under two separate RC(1) funding applications. As per Council resolution a contribution of $73,495 to the City of Lacombe’s 2015-17 Arena Modernization Phases 1 to 3 at the Gary Moe Sportsplex was approved.

Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Services Commission – 2019 draft budget

The 2019 draft budget for the Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Services Commission was received for information. Council will forward a letter to the Commission stating that Lacombe County has no comments or questions regarding the proposed budget.

Cancellation of outstanding property taxes

Due to the struggles of the oil and gas industry in Alberta, Lacombe County has experienced a balance of unpaid taxes related to oil and gas wells, pipelines and other facilities. As per Council resolution, the outstanding property taxes and late payment penalties on 19 outstanding tax accounts were cancelled.

Sale of right-of-way

An offer from Richardson International Limited to purchase a portion of the original road allowance lying directly east of SE 36-39-23-W4M containing approximately 0.92 acres was considered by Council. Richardson International Limited owns the adjacent property to the west. By resolution of Council, the County Manager was authorized to sell that portion of original road allowance that borders the east boundary of the SE 36-39-23-W4M containing approximately 0.92 acres to Richardson International Limited for the sum of $10,000 plus GST with the condition the road allowance be consolidated with Richardson’s existing adjacent parcel.

Lacombe Performing Arts Foundation

By resolution, Council agreed to support in principle the Lacombe Performing Arts Foundation in the purchase of the Lacombe Trinity Lutheran Church as a future permanent performing arts centre.

Alberta Government Agriculture Plastics Recycling pilot program

Lacombe County will request information on the Alberta Government Agriculture Plastics Recycling Pilot Program and upon receipt of that information will consider participating in the program.

Lacombe Lake

The following resolution received Council approval: That Lacombe County

  1. retain the diversion license for Lacombe Lake;
  2. operate the diversion structure in a manner to mitigate spring run-off from Whelp Creek entering the lake, and monitor creek flows downstream to identify any negative impacts; and
  3. work with stakeholders to establish the optimal level of the lake within the 2810 foot to 2812 foot licensed levels.

Utility Rate ylaws

Council moved first, second and third readings of the following bylaws:

  1. Bylaw 1291/18, a bylaw to establish 2019 water, wastewater and solid waste rates for the Hamlet of Mirror;
  2. Bylaw 1292/18, a bylaw to establish 2019 water rates for Lakeview Estates;
  3. Bylaw 1293/18, a bylaw to establish 2019 water and wastewater rates for Aspelund Industrial Park; and
  4. Bylaw 1294/18, a bylaw to establish 2019 wastewater rates for the Sylvan Lake Subdivisions that are part of the Sylvan Lake Communal Sewer System

Bylaw No. 1290/18 recinding bylaw No. 914/00

Bylaw No. 1290/18, a bylaw of Lacombe County which will rescind Bylaw No. 914/00 received first, second and third and final reading by Council and was so passed. Bylaw No. 914/00 was initially passed on July 18, 2000 to establish a non-taxable allowance for expenses incidental to the discharge of an elected officer’s duties. Non-accountable allowances paid to elected officers will now be included in their income and considered taxable for 2019.

Next Regular Council Meeting is January 10, 2019 – 9:00 a.m.

Next Committee of the Whole Meeting is Tuesday, February 5, 2019 – 9:00 a.m.

-Submitted by Lacombe County