Lacombe City Council supports Echo Lacombe with location for pilot program

Echo Lacombe Association will run a pilot propgram on food rescue until November, 1, 2021

Photo Courtesy: Echo Lacombe Association logo.

Echo Lacombe will be running a food rescue pilot program with support from the city of Lacombe and a number of other local businesses. Echo Lacombe aims to provide fresh produce and frozen meat to residents of Lacombe.

The pilot will run at this location until November 30, 2021.

“We are seeking to compliment what the food banks does… We are not replacing it,” said Dr. David Jeffrey, Burman University Representative and Board Member for Echo Lacombe Association

Echo Lacombe is not replacing the Lacombe food bank which primarily deals with canned food. The group says they are looking for fresh foods that are still Edible. Foods that are imperfect but still sellable.

City-owned property at 5404 56 Ave (former Parkland Regional Library) as the temporary location for a Food Rescue pilot program.

“For people that want to have healthy and nutrition food at time when it’s time when it tough to afford that,” Jeffery

Echo Lacombe Association is donating up to $10,000. Lacombe signmaster is donating signage. Vesta is funding $3000. Sparks eggs provide eggs and the group is in talks with a local supermarket. Echo will cover the incremental cost increase for utilities at the location, and Lacombe Ford will provide a vehicle for the service.

“Rescue food from stores and prevent it from going to the dump.” Russle

Food Rescues operate in several Alberta communities as a waste-diversion and carbon-footprint reducing food security initiative. Once started, Echo will divert food from local restaurants, grocery stores and producers which otherwise cannot be sold – but is still safe to consume.

“Food insecurity, food waste and hunger affect many people across the country,” Mayor Grant Creasey said. “I am pleased to see Echo Lacombe take on this initiative to ensure our community continues to provide unique quality of life opportunities to our citizens.”

Echo will collect food items and redistribute them to the community through twice-weekly “Market Days,” which will start as curbside pick-up events until public health restrictions are lifted.

The shipping/receiving area of the building will serve as the hub for collecting and sorting food, providing vehicle storage, offering curbside pick up, and eventually host the Market Days.

“Echo Lacombe Association is excited to get this project up-and-running,” said Echo President Jared Reich.

“This food rescue will divert a large amount of edible food away from the landfill and into the hands of citizens who need it. By allowing Echo to access this facility, the City Council has given Echo this opportunity to introduce the concept to our citizens. We hope that through the pilot we can demonstrate the demand for the service as well as source a long-term sustainable home with an appropriate community partner,” said Reich.

Echo is hoping to work with local charitable organizations to provide tax receipts to businesses and producers supporting the rescue.

For more information on Echo Lacombe and its various initiatives, please visit If you are interested in volunteering, providing products or supporting the initiative in any way, please contact Dr. David Jeffrey at