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Lacombe Council clears municipal red tape by eliminating outdated policies and bylaws

Council rescinded policies identified as inoperative, obsolete and expired.
(Black Press file photo)

Lacombe City Council has rescinded historical policies identified as “inoperative, obsolete, expired, spent, superseded, or otherwise ineffective.”

The “data integrity project for governance documents” has removed 1,024 bylaws and 300 policies over the last four years.

The project began initially in 2016 to organize and index City bylaws. It was through this process many governing documents were discovered to be inoperative, obsolete, or expired.

“One of Council’s goals was to consolidate our municipal books, helping ensure City governance is clear, concise and transparent. By eliminating outdated bylaws and policies, we are reducing red tape,” Mayor Grant Creasey said.

In many cases, prior bylaws and policies were not repealed or rescinded when a new or amended governing document was passed, the City said.

“The process of rescinding bylaws and policies carries no direct costs and is being completed using existing municipal staff.”

The data integrity project for governance documents project has three more phases, according to a press release issued by the City.