(Photo Submitted by Lacombe County)

(Photo Submitted by Lacombe County)

Lacombe County and WCPS announce School Resource Officer partnership

County assumed the role SRO for schools in Alix, Bentley, Clive and Eckville

As the school year begins, Lacombe County and Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) are proud to announce a new partnership between their organizations.

This September, Lacombe County assumed the role of School Resource Officer (SRO) for schools in Alix, Bentley, Clive and Eckville. Community Peace Officer (CPO) Dave Lahucik will formally head the SRO program, under the direction of CPO Services. CPO Lahucik has been actively working in the schools developing relationships with both students and staff.

“We could not be more excited to have this partnership with Lacombe County, so aimed at the well-being of students,” said Danica Martin, WCPS Assistant Superintendent – Inclusive Learning Services. “The support the County has shown for the SRO program is greatly valued, and this new agreement will ensure that students in our county schools have consistent access to this important resource and can build meaningful relationships with their SRO.”

Earlier this year, Council learned that the RCMP SRO program, which was partly funded by Lacombe County, was unable to deliver programming to local schools. In response, Council voted in favour of the County assuming these responsibilities and offering the SRO program through CPO Services. Program costs will continue to be funded and shared under the School Resource Officer Funding and Operational Agreement at a split of 77.5% for the County and 22.5% for WCPS.

“Our Council values the important work that School Resource Officers provide to the youth in our communities,” said Paula Law. “We are proud to deliver this essential service for our local schools, to ensure the positive growth and development of students, while also supporting staff and parents.”

The role of the SRO is to interact and positively influence students, staff and parents by providing current and relevant presentations, information, and resources on important safety topics and social issues. Since the spring of 2019, CPO Services has provided a variety of presentations to local schools including Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving, and Bike Safety. The SRO will also promote safe and conducive learning spaces through the enforcement of Provincial and Municipal statutes at or near the schools to effectively address and resolve issues of concern.

“I’m very excited about this new opportunity to work as a School Resource Officer with Alix, Bentley, Clive and Eckville Schools. It is our mission to engage the students, staff and parents to build relationships and offer our full support and resources. Working in cooperation with WCPS and our partner agencies will be key to reaching our goals and achieving overall success for our program,” said CPO Dave Lahucik.

CPO Lahucik is a former Sergeant with the Calgary Police Service who retired in 2017. He was hired as a CPO with Lacombe County in 2018 and brings more than 25 years of law enforcement experience to this School Resource Officer position.

-Submitted by Lacombe County