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Lacombe County highlights - May 10th, 2018

Lacombe County held a regular meeting of Council
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Sylvan Lake/Lacombe County Intermunicipal Development Plan

Council endorsed the Terms of Reference and Request for Proposals for the Sylvan Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan.

The partnering municipalities would include Lacombe County, Red Deer County, Town of Sylvan Lake, Summer Village of Birchcliff, Summer Village of Half Moon Bay, Summer Village of Jarvis Bay, Summer Village of Norglenwold, and the Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove.

Councillor Stephenson was appointed as the Lacombe County representative to the Sylvan Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan Steering Committee and Councillor Wigmore was appointed as the alternate representative.

Central Alberta Rowing Club

By resolution of Council the County Manager was authorized to grant a five-year license of occupation to the Central Alberta Rowing Club for a portion of Range Road 27-2 located immediately north of Lacombe Lake.

Birch Bay Community Association

As per Policy RC(1) Recreation Capital Funding, Council approved funding of $13,390 to the Birch Bay Community Association for the acquisition of 1) a zero-turn mower, 2) a small generator and 3) new swim buoys.

As per Policy RC(9) Community Programs, Events and Activities, Council approved funding of $ 1,250 to the Birch Bay Community Association for 2018 community events.

Final Budget and Tax Rate Bylaw

Council approved the Lacombe County 2018 operating budget, which provides for 1) total revenue of $67,843,470 comprised of $ 60,457,760 in operating revenue, $ 7,385,710 in reserve transfers, and 2) total operating expenses of $ 67,843,470 comprised of $ 41,209,470 in operating expenses, net inventory costs of $37,400, capital transfers of $ 9,850,270 and reserve contributions of $16,746,330.

Council also approved the Lacombe County 2018 capital budget, which provides for revenues and expenditures of $28,932,360. Council gave first, second and third reading, and so passed Bylaw No. 1277/18 providing for the establishment of the 2018 Tax Rates.

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