(Submitted by Lacombe County)

(Submitted by Lacombe County)

Lacombe County: Notice of closure for construction on bridge and road

Road/bridge closure due to bridge construction from July 15 until July 29

There will be a road/bridge closure due to bridge construction from July 15, 2020 until July 29, 2020. The closure facilitates the removal of an existing bridge structure and realigns the road to the new structure.

Installation of Bridge Size Culverts and Other Work

BF 1526 – Carrying Range Road 25 (Lockhart Road) over Rainy Creek, located 22 km northwest of Bentley (NW 8-41-2-W5).

Please drive with caution in this area, and ensure you watch for and obey posted signage. The bridge is on Lockhart Road near Centreview Road.

-Submitted by Lacombe County