Lacombe FCSS wants to sprinkle Lacombe with kindness in February

Will be handing out ‘Kindness Kits’

Lacombe & District FCSS wants to prinkle Lacombe with kindness throughout the month of February.(Submitted)

Lacombe & District FCSS wants to prinkle Lacombe with kindness throughout the month of February.(Submitted)

Lacombe & District FCSS is encouraging local businesses to sprinkle Lacombe with kindness throughout the month of February.

They will be handing out kindness kits to businesses that register to be part of their February initiative.

Each business that signs up will receive a “Kindness Kit” which includes pink shirt day and kindness message posters, a kindness sticky challenge, kindness bingo, pink hearts, and more! Tons of fun things to do with your coworkers and clients!

“The Kindness Kit initiative comes at a time where we all could experience a little more patience, kindness, and care, March is the second anniversary of COVID putting our world’s upside down. With the ever changing Covid climate, sometimes we can become frustrated, tired, impatient, or have a higher level of stress,” said Crystal Zens, executive director at Lacombe & District FCSS.

The kindness kits come out just in time for Nation Pink Shirt Day as well, a day focused on anti-bullying, the initiative will also combine the general theme of February, love for one another.

“With the Pink Shirt Day just around the corner, February is the perfect month to remember to spread kindness and share the anti-bullying message. Our community has been amazing throughout covid and highlighting kindness just reminds us to be a little more patient and kind, because you never know what someone else is going through,” said Zens.

They are also selling pink shirts for residents to wear on Feb. 23, Nation Pink Shirt Day. Every February, thousands of Canadians wear pink to show their support for safe and inclusive schools, workplaces and communities.

She said that families or classrooms can also purchase shirts online individually.

“All proceeds stay and help a local anti-bullying youth initiative. We encourage households to decorate their windows in pink hearts and Be Kind Messages. The response has been amazing. Next year we will even go bigger and could include schools and have teachers order kits too if there is interest.”

“Kindness is contagious, let’s sprinkle it everywhere in the month on February.”

More information on registering for a kit or how to purchase a shirt for Pink Shirt Day, can be found at or by calling 403-782-6637.