Lacombe Performing Arts Centre hosts grand opening

Lacombe Performing Arts Centre hosts grand opening

Former Trinity Lutheran Church becomes Lacombe’s home for the performing arts

The former Trinity Lutheran Church is now officially the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre (LPAC) after an official ceremony was held to recognize the hand-over.

Grant Harder, Lacombe Performing Arts Centre Foundation (LPACF) board member, said it is a fantastic day for the performing arts in Lacombe.

“It has been a little while in the making but we are here, we are open and now our goal is to keep it busy and put some cheeks in the seats,” he said.

The grand opening comes after a funding arrangement that helps lower LPACF’s mortgage payments was voted unanimously for at Lacombe City Council. The official announcement also comes with the unveiling of new branding for Performing Arts Centre.

“We have a new logo that we are unveiling and a new website coming right away. We are now the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre, so we want to get away from the old C4 Initiative branding and start fresh,” Harder said.

The handover is bittersweet for the Trinity Lutheran Church congregation, but the handover was made easier by the fact it is going to the arts. Congregation member Trudy Hand said her mother was part of the original congregation when the church opened in 1958.

The church was originally a small white church, but the congregation purchased its current location 16 years ago after they outgrew their previous location.

“We were overflowing, so we got this church from the Baptists and we have been here for 16 years. Many memories were made,” hand said.

Hand said it was a hard choice to sell the church but said it is for a good cause.

“Her dream is done with and now LPAC is fulfilling her dreams — she loved music,” she said.

The congregation will operate within the church for an indeterminate time. Hand said there is currently 15-20 members.

Harder said they have been working with the congregation for the last year and already have a great relationship

“We can cohabit easily and we have been doing it for awhile now,” he said.

As for the Performing Arts Centre, Harder said, “It is all roses, sunshine and rock n’ roll”

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