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(BLACK PRESS File photo)

Lacombe Police Commission, Lacombe Police Service Community Survey results

Overall satisfaction rating based on percentage average for the questions asked was 82 per cent

In the Spring of 2019 the Lacombe Police Commission launched a Community Survey to obtain public feedback on resident satisfaction and trust in the Lacombe Police Service.

“The survey was developed in consultation with the community and with guidance and direction from the Lacombe Police Commission,” said Police Chief Lorne Blumhagen. “Resident input through this survey will help us develop plans and meet our goal of keeping Lacombe a safe, vibrant and evolving community for our citizens to live, work and play.”

As a summary to the Survey the Lacombe Police Service and Lacombe Police Commission are pleased to release the following survey results:

The overall satisfaction rating based on percentage average for the questions asked was 82 per cent. This represents a very high satisfaction rating from the citizens of Lacombe on the level of service they are receiving from the Lacombe Police Service.

  1. In total there were 662 responses to this survey. Of those responses, not all participants responded to all questions.
  2. Of the 662 responses, for the relevant questions asked, the number of responses varied from 317 to 557 responses per question.
  3. The demographics for the age of individuals responding to the survey ranged from 16 years to over 65 years of age with the majority of respondents (81per cent) being between 25 and 65 years of age. 19 per cent of respondents were either over 65 or under 25 years of age.
  4. The overall satisfaction rating based on percentage average for the relevant questions asked was 82 per cent. Satisfaction ratings for the questions varied from 95 per cent to 60 per cent.
  5. Of the 23 relevant questions, 16 had satisfaction ratings exceeding 80 per cent. 7 questions varied from 79 per cent to 60 per cent ratings.
  6. The 16 areas that exceeded 80 per cent satisfaction included police visibility, professionalism, culture & diversity awareness, timely response to calls, dedicated to reducing crime, strives to ensure safety of citizens, professional dispatchers, prompt call answering, dispatchers were helpful, citizens feel safe in Lacombe, drivers feel safe, the police partner with schools, community and other agencies.
  7. The 7 areas that received 79 per cent satisfaction ratings or less included laws were enforced fairly, understanding of mental health issues, members are approachable, citizens receive information on how to reduce crime, police members are involved in the community, police response time was prompt, and pedestrians feel safe. The lowest rating was 60 per cent for members being involved in the community.

The results of this survey will continue to be referenced in consideration of operational and administrative plans for the Lacombe Police Service.

“The Commission is an essential link between the community and the police, with a mandate to balance requirements of public accountability with those of police independence,” said Lacombe Police Commission Chair Bob Huff. “The results from this survey will provide us with data to better meet the requirements of the community in our strategic planning, and to meet the Commission’s mandate.“

-Submitted by the Lacombe Police Service