NEW FACE - Const. Travis Marcott

NEW FACE - Const. Travis Marcott

Lacombe Police Service welcomes new officer

If you see a new face patrolling the streets of Lacombe, be sure to welcome Const. Travis Marcott

  • Apr. 3, 2014 5:00 a.m.

If you see a new face patrolling the streets of Lacombe, be sure to welcome Const. Travis Marcott, Lacombe Police Service’s newest officer, to the community.

Marcott has been with the Lacombe Police Service for just over two months now.

He said the small town feel of Lacombe was appealing to him as he is originally from the small town of Trenton, Nova Scotia himself. Prior to working in Lacombe, Marcott held a position in Edmonton.

“Coming from a small town in Nova Scotia, the big city wasn’t really my thing.” He added it hasn’t taken him long to develop a connection with Lacombe.

“I absolutely love it.”

He went on to say that while he stays busy working in Lacombe, he appreciates that he is not so busy that he never has time to connect with the community, which isn’t the case in some larger cities.

“It’s big enough that we have days where we are busy, but we also have days that we have time to get out and talk to people, we have time to get out in the community.”

In some centres, Marcott said that police services have such a large call volume, officers are rushing from call to call from the time they sign on to the time they sign off and don’t have the time to connect with people.

He said he is happy that is not the case in Lacombe.

“Here we have the time. We can sit down, we can talk to people, we can find out what happened. It has a huge advantage.”

Marcott added that building a connection and rapport with the community makes the job of policing a lot easier.

“We can’t do our job unless we can talk to the people in the community. So being able to build a relationship with the community is an absolutely vital part to our job.”

As Marcott has just started with the Lacombe Police Service, he said he has not been able to meet a lot of people in the community so far, but he is looking forward to doing so.

Marcott also said he is enjoying working with the other members of the Lacombe Police Service.

“The people that I work with, they just make it fun to go to work every day. They are always willing to pitch in and help out.”

Marcott said becoming a police officer has been a long time goal of his. Five years ago, prior to becoming a police officer, he got involved with a police youth program in Nova Scotia that further invigorated his desire to wear a badge.

“From the time I joined I absolutely loved it. Policing is something I always wanted to do.”

After going through the youth police program, Marcott went to police academy and became a full-fledged police officer.

He then got a position in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, before moving to Alberta and working for the Edmonton Police service and now, Lacombe Police Service. Altogether, Marcott has been working as a police officer for a little over a year and a half, he said.

He added the variety of the job is what made a career in policing attractive to him.

“It’s just something different every day. You’re not stuck sitting behind a desk all the time.

“You get to go out, you get to get involved in the community. You get to meet new people, you get to problem solve.”


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