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Lacombe Pride Society set to celebrate Pride Month

The Lacombe Pride Society has several events planned for Pride Month
Members of the Lacombe Pride Society with their Lacombe Days float in 2023. (Photo submitted)

June is Pride Month, and members of the Lacombe Pride Society are gearing up for a busy few weeks, along with laying down plans for Pride weekend in August.

"Some of the main highlights are a few fundraising efforts for our main events in August of this year. But of course, we have some fun things planned," said Jonathan Luscombe, founder and board member of the Lacombe Pride Society.

"On June 8th we will have Tammy Plunket come to the LMC. She is the author of a book called Beyond Pronouns and goes into depth about her journey with her four children all being within the 2SLGBTQIA community.

"This event evolves around open discussions on how to better support transgender people and more specifically how parents can support their children's growth into the amazing humans they know they are."

Luscombe said they will also be holding another Family Friendly Drag Bingo.

"We had such an amazing time at our last one with an awesome turn-out, so we are doing it again as a fundraiser," he said, adding that admission is by donation at the door.

"This event takes place on June 15th at the LMC and will be an amazing time to gather, support one another, and champion safe spaces in Lacombe while also having some awesome fun while at it."

Luscombe said he wants to be a beacon for youth who feel like they are different or don't belong.

"By doing a Family Friendly Drag Bingo we get to see 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals thriving but also just having fun," he said.

"So come on out - we will have snacks for purchase and prizes to give away. Come in your best outfits and you could win a prize," he said, adding that additional details are available on the society's social media pages.

"We are also launching a massive fundraising campaign to help bring our Pride Weekend (in August) to fruition. We have a GoFundMe now and a bunch of other ways to donate. too.

"Because we are a small, grassroots, volunteer-run and led organization, we rely on the community for support. We have been so blessed to meet so many amazing individuals through this work and hope to continue to meet more as we keep going.

"But it's not easy. Funding doesn't come often. We are very thankful to the Echo Energy Sponsorship Program that has funded us for the last year and the next two for our two current programs Rainbow Underground Youth Drop-In and the Adult Caregiver Support Group.

"Both have seen some amazing turnouts and we are so excited to hopefully be bringing more to the table. We are also thankful to the grant holders who have and are assisting us - it means a lot. But again, creating programs is difficult when you don't have regular funding coming in to assist you in their development," he said. 

To that end, the society is always open to more sponsorships and partnerships with businesses and organizations to bring more inclusivity and diversity to the community, he said.

Luscombe said the society will be doing a bottle drive and a few other events throughout June, but the main celebration will be from Aug. 23rd to 25th when they will be presenting the second annual Lacombe Pride Weekend.

Meanwhile, he noted that the society has four programs on the go, including Rainbow Underground Youth which offers a safe space for youth to hang out, find friends, play games, and be themselves in an encouraging and uplifting environment.

There is also the Adult Caregiver Support Group for parents of 2SLGBTQIA+ children.

Luscombe described it as a place to connect, ask difficult questions, and decompress safely among like-minded people. 

Adult Hangout Nights and family event programs are ongoing as well.

"With our Pride Weekend coming up, we will have a better chance to ask community members what they want to see in terms of programming, and also what gaps there may be we could help with by creating programs that could fill those gaps."

Ultimately, Luscombe remains optimistic despite the challenges the society faces in general.

"Through our efforts, I hope more people begin to understand us and who we are better by asking questions, coming to programs, and listening when we speak up. We are all human and have the capacity for compassion and empathy - why we don't always use it is beyond me, but we need it now more than ever.

"Pride Month is a time for us to celebrate all of the amazing triumphs we have had as a community. It is a month where we get to enjoy the beauty within our community and amplify the voices that make it so unique and special.

"It's also a reminder for everyone to love themselves, to celebrate their uniqueness, and to love the diversity that makes up our beautiful tapestry. But most importantly, it's a time for community and a time for us to build it together. 

"It's also a time for our voices to be loud and a time to fight for what we believe."








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