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Lacombe resident creates Go Fund Me page to help ailing Lacombe City Cinema

Karlee Prins created a Go Fund Me Page the help the local theatre and family who own it
Karlee Prins standing in front of Lacombe City Cinema. (Photo Submitted)

Lacombe resident Karlee Prins is using social media to help Lacombe City Cinema and its owner James Favel by creating a Go Fund Me Page.

“They have fallen on hard times,” said Prins.

Prins says she wanted to do something to help Favel and his family, especially as the local theatre hasn’t had the chance to be open to the public in over a year.

After finding out Favel was on the verge of bankruptcy, she felt she had to do something to help.

COVID-19 restrictions continue to negatively impact his business and family’s livelihood. They needed financial support, Prins says

“We already borrowed government money. It’s all gone now,” said Favel.

Favel explains tmoving back to phase one makes the situation worse for many business owners.

He is in a very difficult situation and his family is struggling, Favel says adding they could go bankrupt.

“James has been kind and generous to the community,” said Prins.

“He always goes above and beyond with his customer service. We’ve had birthday parties there, gone to several movies, and he’s always giving free movie passes out for the kids.”

Favel often donates to local events and fundraisers to raise community spirit. Prins calls him a “kind soul” and a “hard worker.”

Prins, a social media influencer, wanted to use her social media platform to make a difference in the community. She has developed her platform through collaborations with local businesses.

Since creating the Go Fund Me Page many other Lacombe-based businesses have since stepped up to help anyway they can.

Moe’s Pizza is one local business trying to support the local theatre. They are offering free popcorn coupons with their pizza orders.

“I challenge more businesses to do the same,” Prins said.

The theatre is open from Monday to Friday, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. to residents to buy their favourite movie treats, like popcorn.

Lacombe residents can even rent the entire theatre for $200. Favel says users must all be from the same household.

“Just bring your own DV,” he said.

As of publishing, Support for Lacombe City Cinemas of Go Fund Me has raised $5,583 with the goal of raising $30,000.

Those interested in supporting the fundraiser can donate at