Lacombe Southeast Area Structure amendments promote redevelopment

Lacombe Southeast Area Structure amendments promote redevelopment

Proposed development includes various new businesses, housing structures and more.

  • May. 10, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Council has approved amendments to the Southeast Area Structure Plan in order to facilitate redevelopment in the industrial area of the plan and ensure alignment with the City’s 2015 Municipal Development Plan (MDP).

“Council is confident that the industrial land uses amendments to this plan will help ensure the existing industrial site is upgraded and enhanced, and continues to support our diverse tax base, which has a goal of 70/30 residential to non-residential local property tax ratio,” said Mayor Steve Christie.

“The amendments align with our adopted MDP, which has set new standards for development in Lacombe, such as residential densities, housing mix and the protection of Wolf Creek,” said Chief Administrative Officer Dion Pollard. “They do not change the overall intent or proposed land uses of the area; rather they ensure that future developments within the area align with the City’s current development standards.”

“The applicant is proposing to redevelop and improve an existing industrial area located within the area structure plan,” said Acting Planning and Development Manager Debbie Bonnett.

“In order for the applicant to proceed with the proposed redevelopment and allow for additional heavy industrial lots within the area, amendments to the plan were required.”

The proposed redevelopment includes:

• Establishment of three separate businesses/operations on the lands which require consolidation and subdivision of the impacted lands;

• Rezoning of some lands from Light Industrial (I1) to Heavy Industrial (I2) to allow for an existing non-conforming business to come into conformity and expand.

• Improvements to the existing business such as landscaping, fencing and building facade alterations.

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