LEADING BY EXAMPLE - Students and community members across Alberta will join together as part of Hair Massacure

LEADING BY EXAMPLE - Students and community members across Alberta will join together as part of Hair Massacure

LCHS encouraging community to ‘go pink’ in support of finding a cure

Students and community members are invited to pink their hair in support for finding a cure to cancers that effect children.

  • Jan. 13, 2017 8:00 a.m.


The students of Lacombe Composite High School (LCHS) are inviting members of the community to join them in the Hair Massacure event beginning next week.

From Jan. 16th to 20th, students, community members and supporters will gather at the LCHS cosmotology lab to pink their hair in support of finding cures for children’s cancers.

As people commit to highlights, accents or a full head of pink hair, they receive pledges to donate to the Hair Massacure Foundation that works in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Community members are welcome to collect pledges, and all those pinking their hair can do so with a $25 minimum donation to Hair Massacure.

“I work with children every day, and the idea of one of my students having cancer, knowing there isn’t a cure, is a huge impact,” said cosmotology instructor Darcie Zenchuk.

“I have lost students before to various illnesses and there is nothing worse than losing a child to an illness without a cure. This has personally impacted my life, and I see supporting these organizations as important. My students seem to see it as important as well, so I’m very proud of this huge undertaking they are participating in.”

On Feb. 16th, the second portion of the project comes into play as students and community members will gather at LCHS as people shave their heads and cut their hair to donate and show support for children with cancer.

Zenchuk said the students are hoping to collectively raise $6,000 through pledges as well as the donations to dye hair. She said she’s hoping to see the community at large get involved by pinking their hair, shaving their heads or cutting their hair in the name of a cure.

“For people to shave their heads is a very dramatic visual show of support. It allows the kids to understand and empathize what it’s like to lose your hair and allows them to really be involved,” she said.

“People can choose to pink their hair and then shave it, or do one or the other or both. There are kids who are just putting a highlight in their hair, and then some that are shaving their heads to donate and everything in between.

“The other way people can donate if they are not going to dye their hair, is to cut it. The hair that is not dyed and is long enough to cut gets donated to make wigs for kids going through treatments.”

Zenchuk also said the cosmotology students have done her proud by taking on this project, among others they have done to show support for children and those living with illnesses.

She said it’s been fantastic to see them take on the project with pride and to get involved, either by helping to colour, cut or shave heads or by doing those things themselves.

“We wanted to take part because it really is such an impactful thing to see a child that is going through cancer treatments. It impacts their family, that child and really their entire community.”

Prizes are given out to top fundraising schools and students, but Zenchuk said all LCHS students agreed they would donate their winnings back to Hair Massacure if they ended up being given any prizes.

To get involved, contact Zenchuk at the LCHS cosmotology lab at 403-782-3643.

As well, drop-ins are being welcomed for the pink colouring between Jan. 16th and 20th.