Emilee Oro of the East Lacombe 4H club presents a cheque to the Lacombe Pallitive Care Society chairperson Edie Biggelaar. The money came from raffle tickets for the charity steer

Emilee Oro of the East Lacombe 4H club presents a cheque to the Lacombe Pallitive Care Society chairperson Edie Biggelaar. The money came from raffle tickets for the charity steer

Local 4-H beef clubs gathered for show and sale

Charity Steer proceeds donated to Lacombe Pallitive Care Society

The Lacombe and District 4-H Beef Clubs gathered for the 2016 Show and Sale on Monday evening, where members and buyers alike attended the appreciation supper and trophy presentation.

This year, more than 30 awards were given to the 4-H members for their efforts in raising and grooming their cattle, from placings including Supreme Grand Champion, Supreme Champion Female to Grand Champion Home Grown.

According to Cathy Sharp, assistant leader of the East Lacombe 4-H Beef Club, this year the charity steer was heavily bid on and the recipient of the steer was chosen by the members of the East Lacombe Club.

The charity steer is donated by a local family and raised by the 4-H members for several months, where they groom it to bethe best possible steer.

The steer, named Chief Redbird, started off with a weight of 740 lbs., being the smallest in the beginning but flourished shortly afterwards thanks to the responsibility and dedication of the club members.

Since the East Lacombe members were the ones to raise and feed the steer, they had the opportunity to choose therecipient, which they voted on.

This year’s recipient was the Lacombe Palliative Care Society, which received a cheque for $7,000 at the appreciationsupper.

Sharp said she has been involved with 4-H since she was a child, and has since watched her children enter the clubs. She said the club is so important for child development in life skills.

“I was involved in 4-H as a kid for nine years. Now my daughter is in her sixth year and my son is in his fourth year,” shesaid. “They learn so many different things from public speaking to judging livestock or multi-species judging.

“They learn to market their steers and talk to steer buyers. They learn to take care of the steer right from October to now,making sure it’s well fed, watered, and also making sure it’s healthy and has a good place to sleep. Basically, just taking care of it and having that responsibility.

“It gives them a sense of pride, a sense of ownership and they just love what they’re doing and they take ownership in it. It’s a big confidence builder and you definitely need that.

“Once they know that they can do this stuff, they know that they can do other things.”

Sharp added this year has been “exceptional” and all three clubs, which include East Lacombe, Central and Nebraska, grew and nurtured exceptional steers throughout.

She added that 38 steers were sold during the Show and Sale night, and the kids appreciate the money and support.

“With the money, some of the kids go out and buy a steer next year as well as a lot of the kids take their steer money and buy females that they can bring next year. They use some of the money to go to school with or continue building their herd.”

Wyatt Glover, sixth year 4-H member of East Lacombe and winner of the Grand Champion Carcass in 2015 and 2014 said that his greatest accomplishments have to do with 4-H teachings and he encourages others to participate in the clubs.

“Winning Grand Champion Carcass twice has got to be a big accomplishment just for myself, knowing that I have the right qualities that you’re supposed to have in meat. Public speaking I’ve also done very well in; I’ve gotten second a couple times. Before, if I ever went into a group I would get nervous or not willing to talk to people but through 4-H I’ve learned that you can speak what you want to say and people will listen.

“You can also learn how to properly train an animal, how to groom it, how to clip it, and how to make it look presentable for everybody.”

Glover said he plans on continuing with 4-H for the next few years, saving money for tuition for future education.

The Interclub Champions were also named that night which included Carson Ebeling, Grand Champion Carcass; DylanFuller, Reserve Champion Carcass; Dylan Fuller, Grand Champion Carcass Rate of Gain; Travis Chessor, Supreme Champion Steer; Ashlynn Duffy, Supreme Reserve Steer; Michael Sharp, Champion Open Steer; Katelyn Konrad, Reserve Champion Open Steer; Travis Chessor, Champion Progeny; Peyton Bresee, Reserve Progeny; Michael Sharp, Club Champion Steer (East Lacombe); Travis Chessor, Reserve Champion Steers; Ashlynn Duffy, Club Champion Steer (Nebraska); Katelyn Conrad,Reserve Champion Steer; Corbin Gillard, Club Champion Steer (Central) and Danniela Manriquez, Reserve Champion Steer.