Don Gullekson (submitted)

Meet the candidate: Don Gullekson

City Councillor

Don Gullekson

Running for council – City of Lacombe

Why do you want to serve on council?

My wife Karen and I have lived in Lacombe for 30 years and raised our family here. Two of our children make their homes here and we have four grandchildren attending school Lacombe. I am running for Lacombe City Council to continue to provide good leadership and to help guide the City through the next few of years. My hope is to maintain our small town feel while we go into the next phase of our community’s growth as a small city.

What do you feel you can bring to council?

I am proud of my work on City Council. One example of my successes was bringing forward a motion to allow single family dwellings to be built on the R3 lots (mobile homes) in Hearthstone as a discretionary use. This will give the property owners a choice to replace a mobile home with a new mobile or to build a new home.

I believe I have made valuable contributions in many areas including City budget and the Municipal Planning Commission.

A vote for me is a vote for dependability. I will be there to represent you, the citizens of Lacombe, because this is my only job and I’m here for you.

If someone were to ask you “why should I vote for you” what would you say?

If re-elected I hope to continue the commercial growth we have seen in the last few years. I support further change to our downtown area while still maintaining our unique feel.

I will work to have CPR clean up their right of way, slow down the trains (85 km is too fast) and stop the train whistles with in our community.

The Bio Refinex and Canadian Tire projects will be a focus of mine. We must keep the pressure on these developers to get their projects started or give us back our investment into the projects, this has gone on long enough.

I will continue to search for effective and affordable ways for recycling and disposal of our garbage. We must have a program that works and truly recycles and is not designed to just make us feel good while sending the majority of the material to the landfill. This is a large cost for us so we must be focused on getting the best value for our dollars.

Utilities will continue to be a focus of mine. We need to have sewer and water systems that are the safest and most efficient possible. The City must make sure our citizens are getting the services they deserve at a reasonable cost.

Our parks and playgrounds are an important part of our community. We need to maintain and expand these facilities as the city grows and our needs change. These parks and playgrounds need to be inclusive with some features that can be used by all.

What is your vision for the community/what are your priorities?

My fours years of experience as a city councilor will be valuable in the next term. I retired from a major utility after 37 years of service in a number of areas including construction, customer service, metering reading, customer billing and management. This experience directly relates to many city departments.

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