Rueben Konnik
(Painted Light Photography)

Rueben Konnik (Painted Light Photography)

Meet the candidate: Rueben Konnik

City Councillor

Rueben Konnik

Running for council – City of Lacombe

Why do you want to serve on city council?

I have had the privilege of being a city councillor for a few years now and I am running again as I genuinely enjoy serving the residents of the city of Lacombe. This is my way of giving back to the community, of being an active part of this community.

I enjoy being a part of the decision making process and putting into action those ideas that you, the electorate, desire to see happen. It is very satisfying to help shape the growth and expansion of this great city and I hope, with your votes, to be able to continue to do that.

What do you bring to council specifically?

Over the last four years, we have seen unprecedented commercial growth in our community, and I am proud of how council has helped shaped and encourage that growth. We have made a number of decisions that has spurred on development and increased our commercial sector. This is absolutely vital to the health of our community as it attracts new business, creates jobs and increases our commercial tax base.

It is the increase in our commercial tax base that will help fund future ambitious projects such as a multiplex, for example, which could house another sheet of ice, indoor walking track, indoor playcenter and so on. Without that increase in our commercial tax base, it becomes very difficult to build new facilities.

If someone were to ask you, “Why should I vote for you”, what would you say?

Lacombe residents should vote for me as I bring a balance of experience and willingness to embrace new ideas to the table. I have been a councilllor for a few years and my experience allows me to realize and understand what is achievable and what is not. I am always open to new ideas and my mantra over my time in office has always been that I am accountable, approachable and accessible to you, the electorate and that would not change. I am here to serve you, the people of Lacombe and not my own self interests. I strive to build Lacombe to be the best version of itself.

What is your vision for the community/what are your priorities?

Along with new initiatives, there is some unfinished business that I would like to complete. An example of this is making sure that Canadian Tire fulfills their commitment to this community and builds a store here in Lacombe. They have bought the land and I want to make sure that they now take the next step to build and provide the jobs and the commercial tax base that a new building would provide. We have also been working for many years with CP Rail to make whistle cessation a reality in our city. We have done everything that has been asked of us, such as building a fence along Hwy 2A. Once all the rail crossings have automated crossing controls installed, we need to make sure that the whistles stop. As for new initiatives, there has been talk of building a BMX track or rebuilding the one we have. I would like the city to help in any way we can. I would also like to expand our existing trail system as this is something that has been well utilized especially during this pandemic.

What is your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

Along with having been a city councillor previously, I have a owned and operated a small business in this community from 2007 until 2017. I know how hard it is to own a small business which is why I have always been an advocate for our business sector. We must encourage everyone to shop local so that we have a vibrant business sector which in turns attracts new people to our community and results in our continued growth. I am also a graduate of the University of Alberta with a degree in political science which has served me well in understanding the intricacies of government. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve this community in the past and it is my hope that on Oct. the 18th, you will vote for me so that I can continue to serve you.

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