Wayne Armishaw (File photo)

Wayne Armishaw (File photo)

Meet the candidate: Wayne Armishaw

City Councillor

Wayne Armishaw

Running for council – City of Lacombe

Why do you want to serve on council?

I have a great appreciation of our city and my best contribution to the community can be made by serving on City Council working as a team member guiding the affairs and shaping the future of a healthy and prosperous Lacombe.

What do you feel you can bring to council?

Through my life experiences I am familiar with governance and inter-governmental relations, I understand budgets and financial statements, and have a hand’s on knowledge with many facets of our city, its services and our history. I’m a listener and welcome input from all community members. I have skill, diplomacy and ability to influence others during debate.

I will represent the full cross section of our community, with a commitment to do the right thing for the community.

If someone were to ask you ‘Why should I vote for you?’, what would you say?

I will not take the enormous responsibility of the office lightly. I am prepared to participate in making tough decisions making progress and laying the foundations for the future of our city and residents. Assure that more than city administration views are considered in making wise informed decisions. I am a supporter of fiscal responsibility not penny pinching. Being semi- retired working for myself, I will give my prime time to the position.

What is your vision for the community/what are your priorities?

I visualise our community maintaining and building upon the positive features Lacombe is renowned for. Building city infrastructure for the future generations and implementing proven green technology. I will work with the civic team to broader tax basis with new entrants prospering and providing wanted services and needed employment from entry level to professionals.

My priority if elected would be to work with the group of people, council and city administration for briefing on budget, current and proposed projects and plans to assure high priority items are not deferred. A sustainability plan and a review of our solid waste services come to mind first.

What is your professional experience and how do you feel it will lend itself to municipal government?

As a homeowner, property owner and former successful business owner in Lacombe I feel eligible to seek this position. With my business I served and maintained high ethical standards and a good rapport with a large number of businesses, municipalities and institutions. Through volunteer activities I have held several executive positions within service clubs and committees.

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