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New artwork to beautify Lacombe’s parks

The City of Lacombe is looking for new ways to beautify the community’s parks.

The City of Lacombe is looking for new ways to beautify the community’s parks.

Recently, the City put out a call to artists for the commission of a new water feature to be installed in the pond at Bruns Park.

“Lacombe has always been a beautiful city and it’s just another way to augment the beauty of this city,” said Maureen MacKenzie, executive assistant for the City of Lacombe.

MacKenzie said that, when asking for feedback from the citizens on how to improve the community, the subject of water fountains continues to come up. Mackenzie added that the hope is for this process to be repeated in the ponds elsewhere in Lacombe should it prove successful here.

With funding obtained mainly through the Art Collection Committee, the City has money to spend each year on beautifying Lacombe and adding to the art collection.

MacKenzie said that it has been decided that these funds would be put to good use by commissioning a fountain or other piece of art that would incorporate a water feature in Bruns Park.

The City does not wish to give too many guidelines to artists for the piece so they have room to create, but the artwork must be low maintenance, hardy, weather resistant and three dimensional. It also must incorporate some kind of water feature and will be displayed year round and can either be a feature at the edge of the pond or be on a separate ‘floating island’ inside the pond itself.

MacKenzie said that it is not a requirement, but it would be preferred if the water feature could fi t a Japanese theme as there is already a Japanese torii at the park, commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the Rikubetsu Friendship Society. However, she reiterated that the City wishes to give artists as much freedom as possible to create.

“Because it’s artwork, we want them to take the idea and run with it,” said Mackenzie.

Submissions for the call to artists must be submitted by the end of May.