(Lacombe District Chamber of Commerce)

(Lacombe District Chamber of Commerce)

New Executive Director of the Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce settles in

Just a little over month as the new Executive Director of the Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce and Jeffrey Hanger is settling in to his new role quickly.

“I am still getting my feet wet. We have our AGM coming up on January 6, at which I anticipate some changes to the make up of the Board. Critically, though, my role is to ensure that the Chamber remains relevant for it’s members, and for the community.”

He said that right now the focus of the chamber is to keep supporting businesses and the community as they have been.

“I’ve only been in place just over a month, I am still joining the dots but I really hope that over the next couple of years the Chamber will continue its great work putting on programs to support its members.

“Getting to know the members, the businesses and ensuring that we, as an organization, meet their needs. Whether that be advertising on the LED Board, organizing the trade show, running the Passport to Christmas, promoting an online presence through the Chamber Market Place, or running some specific training for business leaders in the community.”

Hanger said he applied for the position after working for a number of different non-profits and that he’s pleased to be working with Chamber Board in building the Chamber which currently has over 270 members.

“This position allows me to build on some of my economic development and non-profit leadership skills while working in one of the best communities of central Alberta. Community is everything here. I have witnessed some great examples of community building here in Lacombe and I want to ensure that the Chamber plays a key role in maintaining that momentum. Building community is key, it is key to the way we work, rest, live, and how can attain our own aspirations,” said Hanger.

“We are living through challenging times, not just the pandemic but issues such as employment, housing, environmental issues, skill shortages, agricultural issues such as water, transport and trade, and issues raised by more and more services being offered online affect all of us, and I want to ensure that the Chamber maintains its voice over these local and wider issues.”