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Officials with Lacombe Days look to expand the event

Lacombe Days organizers are looking for ways to improve the much loved summer festival.

Lacombe Days organizers are looking for ways to improve the much loved summer festival.

Lacombe Days Committee Chair Chris Ross said that the committee is looking for local community groups and clubs that may have something worth adding to the festival.

In particular, the Lacombe Days Committee is looking for activities that appeal to children and families.

“We would like to try and get more things for the children and youth if possible because that is an age bracket we would like to further enhance,” said Ross.

This move to enhance Lacombe Days for children and families comes after a study completed through a provincial grant program Lacombe Regional Tourism received. Marie Péron, executive director of Lacombe Regional Tourism, said that the study was done as part of a provincial-wide program designed to teach communities how to grow festivals in order for them to better serve the community in terms of event participation, economic development and tourism growth.

Péron said the results of the study suggested that Lacombe Days would be best served by catering more to the younger participants in the festival.

She said this is because most of the people who already participate in the festival are children, teens or young families.

As a result of the study, a Tourism Event Growth Plan for Lacombe Days has been created and was unveiled at an event last Wednesday. Péron said while the Lacombe Days committee has been proactive in efforts to enhance the festival already, more dramatic changes will be seen in years to come.

“The growth plan is aiming for a more remarkable change next year and thereon,” said Péron. “But if there is something that we can start adding this year that works in that direction that would be great.”

In order for any improvements at all to be made, the committee will need volunteers to do them.

Ross pointed to Lacombe’s hosting of this year’s Boston Pizza Cup as a superb example of how volunteers can make an event successful.

“It was a huge community event,” said Ross. “It really contributed to putting Lacombe on the map.”

Ross went on to say he is looking at the volunteer effort behind the hugely successful Boston Pizza Cup as a model for Lacombe Days.

He said the Lacombe Days Committee is also looking at ways to allow volunteer groups to make their contributions to the festival as a way to fundraise as well, as was done for the BP Cup.

“Your event is only as good as your volunteers,” said Ross.

In addition to seeking out volunteer groups to add to the festival, Ross said volunteers are also needed to join the committee. He said anyone interested in actively promoting Lacombe and growing Lacombe Days should consider getting involved.

Anyone interested in getting involved with Lacombe Days can contact Chris Ross at 403-357-8810.