Police charge City graffiti offenders

LPS have charged a total of 10 people with graffiti related offences.

  • Jan. 14, 2016 11:00 a.m.

After an extensive investigation into hundreds of mischief incidents to both private and public property, the Lacombe Police Service (LPS) have charged a total of 10 people (seven youths and three adults) with graffiti related offences.

Graffiti or ‘tags’ were illegally place on schools, businesses, City buildings, utility services, private property and some local landmarks, including buildings featuring Lacombe’s famous murals.

Tags associated with the persons include: WIZZ KID, WIZZY, WK, 250-403, FTD Posse, 15, +b+, Render, rend, LBS, Gener8, Aspen, Ellusive, Zero, MOB, Tore, Sears, Rust, Botz, Snak and Snake.

Charges were laid under either the Criminal Code or the Community Standards Bylaw, depending on circumstances surrounding each offender.

“Art is not a crime, but graffiti tags placed on someone’s property without their consent certainly is,” said LPS Chief Steve Murray. “I’m sure some of the people charged with these offences have the potential to be talented artists but they need to showcase that talent in a lawful, respectful and appropriate way.”

All the persons charged face fines of $2,500 and for some, a criminal record.