James Wright

James Wright

Progress made with Habitat 4 Humanities Lacombe home project

Chief operating officer of Habitat for Humanity Canada visits project build site

The Habitat for Humanity Red Deer Region Society’s housing project construction in Lacombe is well underway and scheduled to be completed in August. And with the walls up and the floors down, Habitat for Humanity invited special guests to come and see the progress being made.

The housing project includes two new duplexes, located at #2, #6 and #83 and #86 Rancher Close on the southwest side of the City and duplex two is already starting to look more like a home than a construction site.

James Wright, vice president for the chair of directors for Habitat for Humanity said that already, since the project began, the volunteers have already put in over 100 hours to the construction of the building.

Last Friday, Habitat for Humanity was pleased to welcome Susan Smith, the chief operating officer of Habitat for Humanity Canada to the Lacombe home build site, her very first visit.

Smith oversees the organization’s day-to-day operations and managing the affiliate services including Global Village Program, International Programs and Finance and Administration departments.

Smith said although she works for the national office and oversees the work that is being done, it is the workers at the community level that have contributed to the success of the build.

“You guys are making it happen. The support of government, the support of all the volunteers, the food, the radio station; we can’t make this happen for those families and break the cycle of poverty and provide what they need for a better life in the future without your help,” she said.

Smith explained that 1.6 million Canadians are currently living in need, and in terms of local numbers, Lacombe’s affordable housing initiative currently has 193 families on the waiting list.

Also in attendance was Mayor Steve Christie, who, in light of Volunteer Appreciation Week, thanked the numerous amounts of volunteers helping with the project and commended them on their hard work and dedication.

“Thank you to each of you for giving your time, your talents and probably a bit of blood and skin,” he laughed. “And a whole lot of sweat. Thank you all for being here today and doing what you do.”

Christie added the City of Lacombe is fortunate for housing this project and that he knows it won’t be the last of its kind.

After the presentations, the workers, volunteers and invited guests shared in a meal inside the building, where afterwards Christie and Smith were given a tour of the building to show the progress that has been made to the building since the beginning of construction less than a year ago.