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Lacombe Express File Photo

Recreational cannabis consumption in Lacombe

‘Users can only consume cannabis on private property,’ - Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Goudy

The Government of Canada legalized recreational cannabis today; however, residents are advised that the City of Lacombe does not allow any smoking, vaping or consuming of cannabis in any public place in Lacombe, including parks and trails.

“Users can only consume cannabis on private property,” said Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Goudy. “The City will not regulate recreational cannabis use on private property.”

Medicinal cannabis users are excluded from the rules around recreational cannabis, but must follow the tobacco-smoking rules outlined in Bylaw 461, the Cannabis and Tobacco Consumption Bylaw.

Users must be able to show medical document proving entitlement to use medical cannabis.

The fines for contraventions of Bylaw 461 are:

  • First Offence: $250
  • Second Offence: $500
  • Third and Subsequent Offences: $1,000

What you need to know:

  • Cannabis can only be purchased from licensed stores or
  • The minimum age for purchase and consumption in Alberta is 18 years old.
  • 30 grams of cannabis is the most you can buy or carry at a time.
  • Kids are not allowed to enter cannabis stores, even with an adult.
  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal.
  • Only four (4) cannabis plants per household can be grown indoors for personal use.
  • Edibles are not yet legal to sell.

The Lacombe Police Service will continue to enforce federal, provincial and local legislation regarding cannabis and other controlled substances in relation to the impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

These laws have been enforced prior to the new legislation and will continue to be enforced.

“As with all intoxicating substances, Lacombe Police encourages everyone to consume responsibly and never drive under the influence of any substance that may cause impairment,” said Lacombe Police Chief Lorne Blumhagen.

For more information on the rules around recreational cannabis, please visit

-Submitted by the City of Lacombe