Red Deer RCMP notify public of upcoming intersection speed enforcement

Traffic enforcement equipment is being updated around the city between April and July.

  • Apr. 26, 2017 1:00 p.m.

Automated traffic enforcement equipment at select intersections in the city is being updated between April and July to include the ability to ticket drivers for speeding through the intersections as well as the current ticketing program for drivers who run red lights; the equipment will be operational on July 11 and will issue warnings to speeders for one month before beginning to issue tickets on August 11.

Currently, ten traffic cameras operate in Red Deer to issue tickets for red light infractions; they operate in four locations at a time and rotate around the city every two weeks. The same cameras will be used to record vehicles speeding through the intersection.

All intersections equipped for traffic cameras have signage at them indicating the presence of the equipment. The locations of the cameras for each two-week period are posted on the City of Red Deer website and shared with local media. Beginning immediately, those communications will reflect the addition of speed enforcement at intersections and will reiterate the dates for the grace period and the date on which tickets will begin to be issued.

Vehicles speeding through these identified intersections will be photographed and the registered owner of the vehicle will be issued a ticket through the mail. Speed infractions follow the specified penalties as listed in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. Demerit points are not issued for these.

Red Deer City Council approved the implementation of automated intersection speed enforcement during their Operating Budget debates in January 2017. The program is in keeping with The City of Red Deer and Red Deer RCMP’s commitment to creating safer roads and improving intersection safety.

Four cameras are rotated through the following 10 Red Deer locations:

· 32 St. – 30 Ave. eastbound

· 32 St. – 30 Ave. southbound

· 50 St. – 30 Ave. eastbound

· 50 St. – 30 Ave. northbound

· 49 St. – 49 Ave. northbound

· 76 St. – 50 Ave. northbound

· 59 St. – 50 Ave. southbound

· 32 St. – Taylor Drive southbound

· 67 St. – 50 Ave. northbound

· 32 St. – 50 Ave. southbound