Rotary Clubs’ Stuff a Trailer for the Food Bank coming up

Rotary Clubs’ Stuff a Trailer for the Food Bank coming up

There is also the option of a monetary contribution

The Lacombe Food Bank is currently in need of donations and the Rotary Clubs of Lacombe are looking to lend a hand once again with their Stuff a Trailer campaign.

“The Rotary Clubs of Lacombe have been doing this for a number of years,” Rotary Member Don Gullekson explained.

“It used to be Stuff a Bus and now it is Stuff a Trailer. We go to all three grocery stores in Lacombe on Aug. 23rd, 24th and 25th and we park out front. We try to encourage people to donate to the Food Bank.”

Gullekson explained the timing of the event is designed to support families with additional back-to-school expenses.

“The Food Bank is certainly in desperate need of supplies and money,” Gullekson said. “It is an ideal time for us to do this and it is right before school starts. People have those additional expenses and they have a need for using the Food Bank.”

The campaign has been successful in the past and Gullekson hopes they can continue to build on that success.

“It is one of the major volunteer events that we do in the Rotary Club,” he said.

“Both Clubs work at it and we will all be encouraging people to give to the Food Bank. In the last couple years, we have done around 3,000 lbs. of food and about $3,000 in donations. We are excited to do this again and hopefully we will be able to help them out.”

Gullekson said the Food Bank has been need even more so since the economic downturn.

“With these tough economic times, the Food Bank indicated that they are seeing a lot of new people,” he said. “There is more need then ever, so it is important that the Food Bank is prepared to help the needs of these people who are struggling.”

Gullekson said he has seen firsthand how the Food Bank helps families and individuals.

“One of the things that is rewarding for us when we man the trailer is the numerous people that come by and say, ‘I used the Food Bank three to four years ago and now I can give back’,” he said.

“People use the Food Bank and then give back at a later date when they are able to do that. It is encouraging that way.”

If you do not wish to make a food donation, there is also the option of a monetary contribution.

“A donation of cash is nice,” Gullekson said. “If they don’t donate food, they can certainly give cash. They can either donate through us at the Rotary Clubs of Lacombe or directly to the Food Bank. It is a great donation because they can purchase exactly what they need.”

He added, “This year we would like to break the record, which is 3,500 lbs. We would certainly like to do that. We are at Co-op on the Wednesday the 23rd, Sobeys on the 24th and No Thrills on the 25th. Hopefully we will have a good turnout.”