SURVEY: Lacombe County conducting participation and communication survey

SURVEY: Lacombe County conducting participation and communication survey

Online survey will run from Nov.15 – Dec. 5

Lacombe County is seeking feedback from the public on participation and communication in Lacombe County. A survey was inserted in each issue of the County News, and stakeholders can also access the online format via the website and social media channels.

“Through the survey, we want to hear how the public would prefer Lacombe County engage with them, and what methods of participation appeal best to them,” said Tim Timmons, County Manager for Lacombe County. “An informed and engaged public is key to a successful municipality, and we are committed to ensuring the work we are doing to inform and involve the people of Lacombe County is done in a way that resonates with them.”

In 2018, Lacombe County Council approved a Public Participation Policy, which emphasizes the importance of meaningful public participation on different levels between Lacombe County and its stakeholders. In the policy, Lacombe County committed to:

  • Informing, consulting, and engaging the public about decisions that affect them and providing public participation opportunities that are open and transparent.
  • Considering the public’s input gathered in public participation processes.
  • Working together with the public to continuously improve its public participation processes.

In addition to the Public Participation Policy, Lacombe County incorporates the use of a Corporate Communications Strategy to ensure meaningful and relevant information is flowing to its stakeholders at all levels. While the County recognizes that the information generated by the municipality has differing levels of interest to the community, having effective and open channels of communication in which to offer information and to receive feedback from the residents and ratepayers of the community – regardless of demographic – is paramount.

This survey has several goals:

  • To find out how the public wants to engage with Lacombe County, and how the public wants to get involved with engagement and participation opportunities.
  • To find out where the public wants to access County content, including news releases, Council decisions, notices, project updates, funding opportunities, videos and pictures, available services, etc.
  • To find out how our current information is accessed, used and understood so that we can build on the topics and channels of communication for our ratepayers.

The online survey will run from November 15 – December 5, 2019 and can be accessed here:

-Submitted by Lacombe County