Three developer meetings scheduled for Lacombe County in February

Proposed layout of a RV and golf resort near Eckville. (

Proposed layout of a RV and golf resort near Eckville. (

Lacombe County will be holding three public, developer meetings in February for proposed projects within the county.

Treatment Centre

The first of the meetings will be for a treatment centre, located near Jarvis Bay and Birchcliff on Sylvan Lake.

On behalf of their client Genics Inc., Work on That Inc., is seeking permission to add a special discretionary use to the Agricultural ‘A’ District of the County’s Land Use Bylaw to consider a “treatment centre”.

In 2019, the previous landowner passed away, leaving a large lakeside property with 80 acres of land and a large retreat centre. The subject lands, accessed by the Jarvis Bay Access Road near the summer village of Birchcliff, The Slopes on Sylvan Lake, and the Jarvis Bay Provincial Park.

In her will the previous property owner asked that the property be sold to a women centred, faith-based, non-profit that was serving people in need in Alberta.

This is how Genics Inc. acquired the property. Through this centre and land, Genics Inc. wishes to expand addiction treatment work in central Alberta, by establishing a women’s recovery centre.

In the proposal, the existing house on site would be converted into a residence for 12 women who would be part of the 90-day accredited program.

The program proposed to be offered is run by an existing accredited recovery program, with more than 675 women who have went through the program. The proposed recovery centre would not include detoxification as part of the program, for the first 90 days, the women are receiving continuous counselling and complete group immersion and willingly choose to remain within the property on their own will. Developers said the recovery centre is a perfect space for the women to go through the critical first three months, prior to going back to Edmonton or Calgary, for the continuation of their treatment if needed.

The developer is required to complete community consultation, prior to council considering the bylaw amendment and will be hosting a public meeting on Feb. 3, 2022 at 5 p.m..

The meeting will be hosted at the existing house on the property in Lacombe County. For more information, community members can contact Ben Trudeau, with Work on That Inc. at 780-916-0347.

Qualico Communities rezoning

A residential development near Sunbreaker Cove is seeking permission to revise an approval.

Qualico Communities received approval to re-designate approximately 38.69 hectares (95.61 acres) to Residential Conservation Cluster and develop a 59-lot residential development, to be known as Palm Cove back in 2011.

They are now seeking permission to revise the original approval, in stage one of the development. The proposed revision has been prepared to retain as much as possible from the original approval.

The property is situated on the north shore of Sylvan Lake. It is located directly west of the summer village of Sunbreaker Cove and east of the Palm Bay residential subdivision, with access to the property is directly from Rainy Creek Road.

Developers noted the subdivision lot count in stage one remains at 59 lots in the revised concept but the location of some lots has changed. Lot sizing has been reduced from an average size of 0.40 acres to 0.25 acres, the reduction in lot sizing drastically and reduces the footprint of stage one which is now limited to the central and west-central portions of the site.

Two new cul-de-sacs have been added to the west-central portion of the site, to take advantage of the proximity to the lake amenity areas and lake views.

In order to accommodate the proposed revisions, approximately 3.05 hectares (7.54 acres) of land must be rezoned.

The developer will be hosting their virtual public meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Pre-registration with the meeting organizer is required for the meeting time slots.

Half hour time slots between 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. are available and registration for time slots can be done by contacting Chris Davis, with Davis Consulting Group at 780-990-9010.

RV and Golf Resort

The final meeting of the month will be based around a recreational property near Eckville.

The proposed location would be at the existing Last Hill Golf Course location, but will be re-marketed under a new name, Alberta Views RV and Golf Resort.

The current landowners, have submitted a request, to rezone approximately 61.95 hectares (153.07 acres) of land, north of Eckville, to Recreation ‘PR’ District.

The development proposal includes a golf course, 100 seasonal campsites, washrooms, vehicle parking spaces, and a fenced storage lot. There would also be a playground, a small pool, 6 pickleball courts and a trail to a water feature are proposed for amenities to complement the campground.

The meeting will be held Feb. 15, at the existing Last Hill golf course clubhouse starting at 5 p.m.

More information on the developer public meetings can be found on the Lacombe County website, under current planning projects.

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Proposed layout of a RV and golf resort near Eckville. (

Proposed layout of a RV and golf resort near Eckville. (