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Lacombe Express File Photo

Town Center removed from Lacombe Southeast Area Structure Plan

Developer of Lacombe Market Square requested ammendment to the plan

The City of Lacombe is continuing their pursuit of a major Canadian retailer to be the centerpiece of the future. Lacombe Market Square.

Council recently passed an amendment to the Southeast Area Structure plan that removes the requirement of a Town Center feature on the property. This amendment was a request by the developer who is looking to bring in the major Canadian retailer.

“The vision they had for the commercial development didn’t work with the Town Center design concepts that were included in the Southeast Area Structure Plan,” City of Lacombe Operations and Planning Director Jordan Thompson said. “Administration has been working with this developer for sometime to bring forward this retailer and they continued to participate by moving forward with amendments to remove the Town Center concept from the outline plan.”


The amendment to the plan did receive a Municipal Government Act required public hearing, with some residents being concerned of the ascetics of the development.

“The uses that are permitted within C6 zoning still apply — it is just that this initially had a design requirement over and above that is not present anywhere else in Lacombe,” he said. “By removing that requirement, it makes this development subject to the same design requirements as any other commercial developer.”

Council passed the amendments in a process that is much more typical than the unique borrowing bylaw the City recently used regarding Lacombe Market Square.

“The southeast area structure plan amendment is very typical,” Thompson said.

The cost to the City was $3,000 which was a waived application fee that cover referrals, mail notifications, the public hearing, advertising and administrative work.

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