The new bylaw will take effect on Nov. 30, 2020. Photo courtesy of the Town of Blackfalds.

The new bylaw will take effect on Nov. 30, 2020. Photo courtesy of the Town of Blackfalds.

Town of Blackfalds approves mandatory mask bylaw

The bylaw was approved after a council meeting on Nov. 24

The Town of Blackfalds has approved a mandatory face-covering bylaw which was brought forward last night at a town council meeting. The temporary bylaw will take effect on Nov. 30.

The bylaw states that face coverings will be mandatory in any indoor public space and public transportation within Blackfalds town limits. This includes businesses and municipal facilities.

Anyone who is not wearing a mask will be subject to a minimum fine of $100.

The bylaw was brought forward by Ken Morris, the Emergency Management and Protective Services Manager and will be reviewed during the first council meeting in Jan. 2021.

Members of the town council including the mayor, expressed disappointment in the decision of the Provincial Government to not implement a mandatory mask bylaw across Alberta.

Currently, Alberta is the only province without a mask bylaw for all municipalities.

“I think that the transferred responsibility by the Provincial Government in their avoidance in giving Albertans a standardized masked bylaw is deplorable,” said Deputy Mayor Rebecca Stendie during the Council meeting. “Seeing as more than three-quarters of the population is now under a mandatory mask bylaw of one kind or another, it makes sense that we would try to be consistent with our expectations of our residents and follow suit.”

Many municipalities already have mandatory mask bylaws in place such as Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton.

The town decided to pass the bylaw because they said it is to respect the safety, health and welfare of people and property within its jurisdiction.

“I vote in favour of this bylaw because [when] it comes down to it, at this particular time, the message of love and care is behind [this bylaw]. It is about keeping us safe, and right now, it is the right thing to do,” said Councillor Will Taylor.

Business owners will be provided with resources, so they can let their customers know about the changes.

The Town of Blackfalds is asking for patience and respect towards the new bylaw implementation and those that are in charge of making this change. For all updates in the town visit its website.