(BLACK PRESS file photo)

(BLACK PRESS file photo)

Town of Blackfalds Disappointed with Lacombe Decision to Exit BOLT

Future of BOLT in Blackfalds ot be reviewed

The Mayor and Council of the Town of Blackfalds are very disheartened with the recent receipt of official termination made by the City of Lacombe Council to cease their contract with the BOLT transit system, which will come into effect in September of 2020.

In 2012, a Regional Transit Partnership was formed between the City of Red Deer, the Town of Blackfalds and the City of Lacombe to provide public transit service between Red Deer, Blackfalds and Lacombe, as well as add local bus service to Blackfalds and Lacombe. During the past few years there has been a positive uptake in this program initiative. To sustain this program, both Councils recently approved the Burman University Proposal that included a schedule adjustment that would add a fifth evening trip during the week that would allow a later final trip for students and commuters to get home at night.

The City of Lacombe initially engaged the Town of Blackfalds to participate in this project and the discussion clearly indicated that for this to succeed, a 15-20 year period of consistent service would be needed to realize the full return on investment. However, due to its withdrawal from the service, the City of Lacombe has created a new challenge for the Town of Blackfalds to serve our residents efficiently.

“Blackfalds Council has provided a consistent message that they wished this service to continue and to grow in order to serve both those who do not have vehicles as well as those who believe in participating in an environmentally proven alternative,” states Mayor Richard Poole. He adds, “We feel that this message was not shared nor passed on to City of Lacombe residents during the past two years and this has contributed to the failure of this opportunity.”

Recently, a BOLT Survey was conducted with 307 respondents which may be viewed here on the City of Blackfalds website.

The future of BOLT in Blackfalds will be reviewed by Council in the near future and a clear decision on BOLT’s future will be provided to our residents in a timely manner.

-Submitted by the Town of Blackfalds