Town of Blackfalds holds annual census

Due to consistent population growth, the Town of Blackfalds is again conducting a census.

Due to consistent population growth, the Town of Blackfalds is again conducting a census.

The online participation aspect of the census has already begun at the beginning of this month, but census enumerators will be starting out door-to-door on May 22nd.

“This is the third year in a row we’ve held an online census,” said Town of Blackfalds CAO Myron Thompson. “Every year we see the online aspect becoming a better tool.”

Residents should have already received their own unique PIN through the mail in order to provide their census information online.

Since May 1st, the Town has seen about a 30% completion rate, said Thompson.

If your household did not participate in the online census option, a census taker will attend your residence at the end of this month or next month to record your information.

“We have allocated budget funds in the 2015 budget of $19,500 to conduct a census,” said Director of Corporate Services Donna Anderson in her report to council last March. “In conducting the 2015 census, we will have current information for economic development promotion, population adjustments for per capita grants, current numbers in support of education and health facilities for Blackfalds and information for community planning.”

Council moved to support a census to be conducted within the Town.

The Town of Blackfalds has been collecting online census information since 2013. This type of data collection allows results to be seen in real time, reduces paper and budget costs. “This move reduced the number of enumerators to three or four and gave administration instant access to the data being collected and compiled,” said Anderson.

Thompson said the information provided by residents helps the Town make decisions regarding services, facilities, programs and funding.

“It gives us more up to date information and standpoints for grants that are based on a per capita basis,” he said. “It can have a positive impact on funding and determine program needs.”

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