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Black Press File Photo

Town of Blackfalds reduces speed limit to increase safety

The roads that will not be affected are Vista Trail, South Street, and Broadway Avenue

At the November 27 Council meeting, Council formally approved to the reduction of the speed limit on all roadways in the Town to 40 km/hr. with the exceptions of selected arterial roads, school and playground zone.

“Council’s objective through this decision was to increase the safety of our residents through the reduction of speed limits. The speed reduction has been endorsed by the Blackfalds Policing Committee, Blackfalds Enforcement Services, our local RCMP Detachment, and as well has been a long standing issue of concern by our residents,” said Mayor Richard Poole.

Adding, “It is our intention to also host a public hearing to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to voice their concerns and support for this initiative.”

Speed reduction within the community has been a discussion for a number of years and it came to the forefront during the election last year. Following the feedback received, the Town consulted with stakeholders, Municipal Enforcement Services, and the RCMP Detachment to determine benefits and effects of a possible change. The change would affect most roadways in the community except for selected roadways.

The roads that will not be affected are: Vista Trail, South Street, and Broadway Avenue (north of Womacks Road) where the posted speed limit will remain at 50 kilometers per hour. School and Playground Zones will remain at 30 kilometers per hour and Highway 2A, where speed limits fall under Provincial jurisdiction, will remain as posted.

This change will come into effect on April 15, 2019 to allow the public and administration time to ensure a smooth transition. The Town will work to educate residents about the upcoming change with support from both the Municipal Enforcement Services and the RCMP who will take a lead role in awareness and in assisting the public in this speed limit adjustment.

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