Trash to Treasure week kicks off Sept. 30th

Event provides an opportunity to pass on household items to others

  • Sep. 29, 2016 6:00 p.m.


Lacombe Express

Second hand sharks and treasure hunters rejoice as Trash to Treasure week’s fall cycle is set to start Sept. 30th running until Oct. 9th.

The streets of Lacombe will be lined with marked items for the nine-day event which will offer residents the opportunity to reuse unwanted household items.

“Instead of everything just hitting the landfill, this just gives people the chance of getting re-use of stuff that they don’t want anymore,” said City of Lacombe Utilities Manager Chris Huston.

“You could call it a City-wide garage sale without the actual sale.”

The event was created in 2015 as a, “Community-wide celebration of reducing, reusing and recycling,” and to allow residents to give their gently-used possessions a new home.

To participate, residents can place unwanted but reusable items in boxes or bins by the curb on the front of their property. All items must be clearly marked as ‘free’.

When treasure hunting, the City has asked participants to take only items marked as ‘free’, to respect others’ property and to refrain from discarding unwanted items on another property.

Any items remaining after Oct. 9th will be picked up by the City during the fall Community Clean Up Campaign taking place following Trash to Treasure week.

All items that are wished to be kept must be removed from the curb.

Although many secondhand items can be utilized, there are some that, due to health concerns, should not be passed on among participants.

Health Canada outlines precautions that should be taken regarding certain items. A link to an outline can be found on the Trash to Treasure week web page at

Huston said that reusing items is always important and is preferable to landfill use and ground pollution.

“Items can be given a second home,” said Huston. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”