FUN TIMES - Comedian Pete Zedlacher will headline the evening of Lacombe Victim Services' Comedy Night fundraiser on Mar. 17th.

FUN TIMES - Comedian Pete Zedlacher will headline the evening of Lacombe Victim Services' Comedy Night fundraiser on Mar. 17th.

Victim Services Comedy Night a night for celebration

By nature the work of Victim Services is tough, and it is important to have a few laughs along the way

  • Mar. 3, 2017 10:00 a.m.


Victim Services in Lacombe continues to stand as a major community pillar, offering support and referral services to those in need during difficult times.

In order to facilitate their services, fundraisers are needed. The biggest fundraiser of all is the organization’s annual Comedy Show, during which funds are raised to support the continued training of the volunteer advocates who carry out the program.

The event takes place on March 17th at the Lacombe Memorial Centre, with tickets on sale for only $30. A table of eight sells for $220.

There will be hot appetizers available for purchase, as well as a 50/50 draw and silent auction. To purchase tickets, head over to the Lacombe Police Services station or call 403-782-3279.

Victim Services Executive Director Debbie Barron has said the event is a much-needed celebration for the volunteers, and a night for Victim Services to engage with the community that shows them so much support.

“It’s important to have an evening to celebrate, as well, because when we get called out, most of our interactions are quite traumatic. It’s traumatic for our victims, but also for our volunteers. We’re hearing and seeing these stories, and helping others through it so it’s natural to take on a bit of that. Self-care is very important for our advocates, and this night is a part of that,” Barron said.

As well, she said it’s great for the volunteers, clients and advocates to be able to have a positive night of interaction, rather than the usually stressful scenarios people would be in when they interact with Victim Services.

“I love my job to pieces, and I feel awful saying that I love it because it is often very traumatic to be in these situations. However, if we can help them, that is everything,” Barron said.

“If they can come back to you a year or two later, and say thank you for our services, that is everything you want. I’ve had people come up to us during the comedy event and it’s great to hear they’re doing okay.

“This is a fun night, and our comedians are usually hilarious. They are very supportive of our cause and get up on the stage to encourage people to take part and fundraise for us.”

The Lacombe Lions Club will continue their long-standing support of operating the bar during the event, as well as continuing their tradition of donating some of the bar funds raised back to Victim Services.

HT Catering will cater the event once more, and Barron said both of these groups have been very supportive of the event. Barron said Royal LePage has also been extremely generous in supporting Victim Services.

“I suspect we will have a very fun night. The work we do is very serious, and very traumatizing, so it’s great to have one night a year to have fun and celebrate what we do, because what we do is great,” she said.

“What we do is a great service, and we are here to help. We have a huge range of referral services and are always willing to help people find the help they need.”

Pete Zedlacher will headline the event, with special guests Adam Blank and Ben Proulx.

Zedlacher is a two-time Gemini Award nominee for his performances at Just for Laughs and the CBC’s Halifax Comedy Festival.

As well, he has made many appearances on TV and film. He has been recognized as an outstanding comic, and Barron said she’s excited to be able to bring his talents to Lacombe.

Blank and Proulx also have extensive resumes, and Barron is delighted to bring the trio of comedians to the local fundraiser.

She said she hopes people pick up their tickets soon and come out to enjoy a great night for a great cause.

This is an evening to celebrate this phenomenal organization, and we hope to see the community support.”