Wigmore hopes to continue serving as County reeve

After serving nine years on Lacombe County council, Reeve Ken Wigmore is showing no signs of stopping.

  • Sep. 5, 2013 7:00 a.m.


After serving nine years on Lacombe County council, Reeve Ken Wigmore is showing no signs of stopping.

Wigmore said he has every intention of running again and continuing the work he so enjoys for the County.

Wigmore was first elected to County council in 2004.

He said that up until then, his interest in politics had been mostly limited to serving on the County sub-division appeal board but the challenge of it intrigued him.

“It was time for a change,” said Wigmore. That came through being in a position where he could help local residents and continue meeting new challenges.

“I have always enjoyed learning new things.”

One might argue that being on council in general is a good fit for Wigmore in that case, as he says learning is a big part of the job.

“It’s a lot of learning,” said Wigmore. “It’s a huge learning curve. When you first get on council, it’s a straight up learning curve I call it. There are a lot of things going on and everyone else is already in that pattern and you have to catch up.”

In October of 2010, Wigmore accepted another new challenge by being elected reeve.

Reeves are elected differently than mayors, being nominated and elected by the council rather than the general constituency, but Wigmore said he had expressed his interest in the role because he thought he would be a good person to act as the face of the County and promote the County amongst its partners in the area.

Wigmore added that his six years of previous experience as a councillor also made him feel qualified for the position.

What Wigmore enjoys most about his work with council, he said, is speaking to the residents of the County and learning about what issues are going on.

“I enjoy talking to people,” said Wigmore. “I enjoy visiting with people and listening to what they have to say.”

Wigmore added that this helps him understand what people want and also helps him form policies that work towards what is best for everyone.

He also praised council for its commitment to listening to County residents and for referring to the public as many times as necessary on any issue.

“We are all important,” said Wigmore. “We are all taxpayers, we want to see the best for our dollar, for our investment and I think we all like to be heard.”

Listening to the public makes up the bulk of council’s job, added Wigmore.

“That’s over 90 per cent of our job,” said Wigmore. “We hold a public hearing, our job is to listen. Not to speak, just to listen.”

This promotes understanding between the County and its residents, said Wigmore, and it helps to avoid conflict.

Working together with council and functioning as a unit is another thing Wigmore enjoys about council.

He said that nothing council has accomplished is a feat of his own, or any other individual member. Rather councillors work together to accomplish their goals.

“I’m one of seven,” said Wigmore. “It’s very much a team sport. You can go in with your own personal mandates but that’s not a good plan.”