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Wolf Creek seeks public input on Blackfalds and Lacombe Attendance Boundaries and Grade Configuration

New Blackfalds High School presents opportunity for review and public input

Wolf Creek Public Schools’ (WCPS) Board of Trustees wants to hear from stakeholders around Blackfalds and Lacombe for a review of attendance boundaries and grade configurations in both communities.

Back in March 2020, the Alberta Government announced plans for the new 950 capacity high school for WCPS in Blackfalds, with the school slated to be completed in September 2024.

Currently high school students from Blackfalds and Clive attend high school at LCHS and the opening of a new high school in Blackfalds will have an impact on the enrolment at Lacombe Composite High School (LCHS).

The school board said that this change has spurred the opportunity for the review, which has to balance any potential changes in attendance boundaries with the impact that can have on enrolment and school capacities, as well as areas such as busing.

“A new high school is a rare opportunity for any community,” said Tim De Ruyck, WCPS superintendent.

“School enrolment ebbs and flows. When adding a new school to a community, there is always an impact on neighbouring communities. As such, enrolment impacts on the other schools must also be considered when conducting a review. The goal is to be forward thinking to develop a preferred option that addresses both short and long term impacts.”

The review began in the fall of 2021 with the formation and initial meeting of a diverse advisory committee, made up of Wolf Creek parents, school and division administrators, trustees and staff as well as municipal officials

The committee along with Deb Schlag and Carol Bruineman consultants retained by the Board for the review have already examined how to reach broader stakeholders, as well as examine what success for this engagement will look like.

As a result, guiding principles for the review that promises that boundary and grade configuration decisions made by the Board will be informed by the voice of parents, students, staff, and the community; ensure enrolments are sustainable in both communities; provide access to transportation while minimizing ride times and consider operational costs that support a quality education.

This initial public engagement on the Blackfalds and Lacombe attendance boundary and grade configuration review will be held online, seeking input from all stakeholders, students, teachers, staff, parents and guardians, community members and future Wolf Creek Public School families.

It will examine what stakeholders like about the current attendance boundaries and what are the challenges about the current attendance boundaries. Feedback regarding the current grade configurations and any additional information or ideas will also be gathered.

“From the very beginning of this process to the end there will be a lot of opportunity for community input, because it is really this Board’s desire to ensure we are listening to everyone in our communities,” said Luci Henry, WCPS Board Chair.

The review also presents the opportunity for those residing in the Clive attendance boundary to weigh in. They will be able to provide feedback, in the event of new attendance boundaries for Blackfalds and Lacombe, whether Clive attendance boundary residents nearer to Blackfalds would prefer the option to attend grades 10-12 in Blackfalds at the new Blackfalds high school, or continue to attend grades 10-12 in Lacombe at LCHS.

All of the feedback will be used by the advisory committee, the consultant team and Division Administration to help inform attendance boundary and Grade Configuration options for further public feedback. Options will be in development from February to the end of April 2022. Public feedback on options will be sought in May 2022.

Public input will be sought online from Feb. 1 to 15, 2022. The public can view additional details and background information in advance of the online survey at letsconnect.wolfcreek.ab.ca. Links will also be available at wolfcreek.ab.ca and on school websites.

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