A look at the top 10 décor trends in 2014

At the finish of every year we are avalanched with the top 10 lists from the year, an easy to digest recap

Kim Meckler

At the finish of every year we are avalanched with the top 10 lists from the year, an easy to digest recap of the ‘greatest moments of’ which allows us to reminisce the past year or decade. Last year was definitely one for the history books when it comes to fashion and interior design. This has been a year of rebirth for many retro-inspired trends and colours; here is my top 10 list for 2014:

1. Thin brick – making a dramatic comeback from 1973, the must-have look of 2014 has been the ‘exposed’ brick wall. For those of you who dream of living in a Soho walk-up you will be right at home with your faux brick walls designed to look like an age old structural design.

2. Chevron pattern – zig or zag you are always in fashion with this hip pattern! Charlie Brown was the trend setter in the 60’s boldly wearing this up and coming pattern in his trademark yellow and black. Although grey is the predominant colour, you can find Chevron in a multitude of shades.

3. Striped tile – tile has come a long way in the past few years and a linear pattern is emerging! Who would have thought that we would be putting a striped or wood look banding on floor tile when for so many years it was all about the stone look. Tile is now streamlined, long and lean – kind of like it has been doing Pilates for the past few years.

4. Super soft carpet – with the evolution of corn-based fibre, carpet has never been cozier. For years it was all about the hard twist of nylon as this type of carpet meant long wearing product. Now the fibre is super soft and gorgeous to the touch, the ‘cashmere’ revolution is evident in everything from sweaters to carpet to toilet paper. We like it soft!

5. Wide, wide wood – on floors, decorative walls and ceilings wide is wonderful. The engineered wood and laminate market has taken off like a rocket and is allowing us (even in dry Alberta) to have a wide format plank in our homes. The look is stunning and rustic and everybody wants a piece of this tremendous looking material.

6. A whiter shade of pale – pale walls are in folks! It is very common now for designers to choose white or shades of white for main wall colours in homes. The rich dark reds and browns are behind us and we are entering a new phase of museum white walls combined with other shades of white or pale grey. As a designer it seems odd for me to choose white as a colour for clients but the cool clean results are very inspiring.

Here we go into 2015, it will be exciting and entertaining to see what new trends emerge this spring and I am very interested to experience new materials and new colour palettes.

There will be fun new products released after February’s home and furniture shows and we will see what is making the cut on the catwalks during fashion week.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest and greatest and get ready to combine your own top 10 lists for 2015.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer with Carpet Colour Centre in Red Deer.