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A response to the Mayor’s column regarding ‘Exporting publicly funded jobs is bad for Alberta.’

November 4, 2021

In recent months many people have been forced to work from home during Covid lock-downs. Companies and employees have discovered that this is actually a viable option, beneficial to both parties. And many businesses are looking into continuing the practice in a permanent way.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for rural communities, like Lacombe, to attract people from the large cities to live here while working remotely from their corporations (perhaps from anywhere in the world). Many people are in fact moving out of large metropolitan areas into rural communities now, simply because they can work remotely.

This brings me to wonder why the City of Lacombe would eliminate a position like ‘Assistant to Recreation and Culture Manager’, a position which directly works to enhance and promote recreational attractiveness and accessibility of this city, and all it has to offer. Should we not be working towards making Lacombe more attractive to all people who now have the opportunity to work from anywhere?

Donna Pierson