Celebrating one year

Wow. One year. It sounds clichéd, but it really doesn’t feel like it has already been a year since the first edition

Wow. One year.

It sounds clichéd, but it really doesn’t feel like it has already been a year since the first edition of the Lacombe Express was published. Nonetheless, birthdays are worth celebrating, and the first year in operation for any business is a milestone worth marking.

In some ways little has changed since the first edition hit the streets of Lacombe, Blackfalds and area. This time last year when we only had one issue under our belt, things were much the same. It was spring, but the threat of snow was still looming and everyone was wondering when the weather would catch up with the calendar and start warming up.

About the same time, Council Chambers was being flooded by concerned individuals over the Solid Waste Roadmap. It was the first big story we covered and was instrumental in developing our relationship with the community.

We received our first letters to the editor regarding this topic and got a pulse of the community, learning what really mattered to the people of Lacombe and how much Lacombians cared about decisions affecting their community.

After the Solid Waste Roadmap issue had been resolved, Lacombe headed right into the next big newsmaker to happen in the last year, the 2013 municipal election. Through our coverage of the close, fierce, but fair race and campaigns, the Lacombe Express continued to solidify its place within Lacombe and strengthen its relationship with the community.

Throughout the last year, we have also had the pleasure of covering the infancy (while still in its own infancy) of Blackfalds’ newest facility and biggest newsmaker of late, the Abbey Centre. We have enjoyed covering the final steps of construction for the Abbey Centre and look forward to bringing you the latest about this new attraction now that the public is able to enjoy it.

With the community’s support, we have grown over the past year. We look forward to growing more and continuing to offer Lacombe, Blackfalds and area the latest in local news and community events.

And that is something you can help with. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our product, and we encourage our readers to continue submitting letters, story ideas, and photos to us.

We hope that this is only the first of many birthdays to come for the Lacombe Express. We would also like to thank the community, all of our readers and our advertisers for making our first year in business a successful one. We look forward to many more.