Choosing the perfect colour for your home

When considering design most people are concerned about colour. Colour is vital in creating a design theme.


When considering design most people are concerned about colour. Colour is vital in creating a design theme. The problem most people have is simple yet all consuming – what colour do I pick? Many people I meet with are stressed over what colour to pick and are often surprised when they realize how easy it actually is to pick a fantastic colour for their home.

When you are choosing colours for your home it is important to gather information regarding your design. It is rare that people start from ground zero when designing and you will find that you have more design elements than you realize. Many items currently in your home and life will give you clues as to what colours you should choose. Artwork, decorative accessories, linens and even favourite fashion items are a testimony to colours you love.

Go take a peek at your favourite purses, is there a predominant colour in your closet? These are clues, hints you uncover as you discover your colour passion. Once you have found your inspiration piece, that item that has moved with you from home to home, you can start working with it to introduce colour into your home. For me it is an original piece of art I have had for more than 15 years. This lovely piece was hanging in a coffee shop in my hometown and it literally took my breath away. It sports brilliant yellows and reds with dashes of black and gold. I love the subject matter, the colours and have a deep respect and fond memories of the artist who created this wonderful piece. This canvas has hung in many homes, always in different areas with different design plans but it is always with me and it is a useful piece of inspiration.

One client brought an eye shadow palette into our consultation, what a wonderful starting point! She saw these gorgeous colours and they spoke to her even though she was unsure about how it would be used in her design plan. We ended up creating a warm interior with coastal colours splashed on her walls complete with iridescent cream accent pieces – all from a few eye shadow colours!

Colours and themes can be created from almost anything that gives you inspiration and joy.

My daughter’s recent trip to B.C. allowed her to take some wonderful photos in a winery, when she posted them on Facebook I immediately knew that they would be the muse for my new basement development. The wine barrels were beautiful and rustic and they were banded with a deep orange colour that has always been a favourite. As soon as I had paint on my walls I had them enlarged and developed on canvas and I absolutely love looking at them. Throughout the construction and design of my basement these photos were kept in the forefront as I chose flooring, paint and furniture – the perfect inspiration!

Before you become overwhelmed with the bigger picture of a finished project, pare down your vision and search for that one small piece of inspiration as you start your design project. Carry that item with you if possible and keep it at the top of your mind, you will be pleasantly surprised at the treasures you find by accident!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.