Cutting the cord on home electronics

Could this time of year get any better? Even the rainy days are lovely and I am so excited to watch everything green up.


Could this time of year get any better? Even the rainy days are lovely and I am so excited to watch everything green up. I hope you are taking it all in and spending plenty of time outside even on cooler evenings. My goal this summer is to spend most of my time outdoors and portable electronics and equipment make it super easy to get out and enjoy.

The wireless age is the most amazing thing to me and I plan to take full advantage. My cable guy told me the other day that they now have wireless PVRs which can go into any room, no more need to drill holes and install cable outlets in every room! You can even mobilize your TV space for special events and then return the room to your calm reading or crafting space, it is truly revolutionary.

Last weekend I was hanging out with some dear friends around their fire pit enjoying a beautiful spring evening when one of my friends pulled out his phone, dropped it into a ceramic bowl and began streaming jazz music. This is so foreign to me; I never think to use my phone for anything but calls and texts. The ceramic bowl amplified the sound and we enjoyed the evening even more due to the wonderful music.

With the invention of solar everything you can charge up outdoor lighting, trailer batteries and even your cell phone. I love the decorative and colourful yard lanterns and lighting you can use to decorate your outdoor space.

I saw solar powered illuminated plant pots the other day and was very tempted to buy them. Even as your indoor space needs several different light source, your exterior space can be transformed into a magical, mystical retreat with the right lighting. I think the houses with white lighting strung in trees is a lovely sight on summer evenings, not Christmas lights still hanging on your house but a special place for ambient lighting.

I am taking full advantage of the daylight and warm temps to work outside as much as possible. Wireless Internet is amazing and you can create a cozy, lovely outdoor reading or writing space bringing your home office outside. Put up a gazebo or portable tent/awning and invest in luscious furniture to curl up with your favourite book, laptop or tablet. Hang charming lanterns inside the gazebo to allow you to take your outdoor experience well into the evening. Download books onto your tablet and you can read well into the night without eyestrain. My favourite activity is sitting next to an outdoor fire with a good book on my iPad where I can read into the small hours of the morning.

So it’s time to unplug! Cut the cords and let your inner nomad wander while you still remain connected and fashionable in your outdoor space. You are able to have a beautiful, unfettered existence outside as well as inside. All the comforts of home can accompany you on your journey as you make the most of our short but beautiful season.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.