Embracing the opportunities of the Canada 150

Limitless possibilities within communities to stand together through Canada 150 events, themes and inspiration

The world is a challenging place and that is why it is important to believe in ideas like the Canada 150.

Canada 150 celebrations are bringing together the themes of reconciliation and appreciation of Aboriginal culture, exploring environment and nature, celebrating youth and welcoming diversity and creating inclusive communities.

It’s important to carry those themes in the forefront of our communities because this year stands as an opportunity to showcase the best of people. This year is an opportunity to stand up to injustice, to ask questions and to seek answers, all in the name of celebrating this country.

The Canada 150 celebrations and themes provide opportunities for leadership in government, businesses and schools.

It’s an opportunity to set a good example for youth in the communities, so that they may know appreciation for these themes and build on the ideas sparked this year.

Canadians are gifted with the notion that other countries look to us as a kind, welcoming place that celebrates diversity and equal opportunity. Canadians are known for their positive spirit and for bringing communities together that is a massive compliment and testimony to the potential of this year.

If every Canadian citizen, visitor or citizen-to-be can engage with their communities, especially through the Canada 150 themes, our nation would be better for that effort alone.

Through volunteering, helping a neighbour, getting to know people in the community and getting involved in community events, it becomes easy to appreciate the themes of the 150. Getting involved in committees, teams, clubs all inspire action.

In order to carry forward the ideas of the Canada 150, communities as a whole need to get involved and create opportunities for citizens to carry the torch. That means citizens getting involved by trying new things and actively seeking out ways to make their communities more inclusive, or to engage inter-generational activities. It means creating a place where different cultures can come together to teach each other and a place where children can see positive examples of leaders in a community.

If you’re not sure what to do, head to the Canada 150 web site to check out the huge variety of programs, organizations and initiatives that are guiding Canadians to celebrate and explore.

Web sites such as volunteercentral.ca are key in bringing together various organizations, as well as the Volunteer Handbook through the City of Lacombe. Social media, including facebook, Linked In and Twitter are perfect resources for exploring what is happening in a community.

Simply reaching out to get to know a neighbour is a big step in bringing to life the themes of Canada 150. Exploring a new community or agency that deals with a particular issue you might not be aware of is an even bigger step.

Part of Canada 150 is about inspiring change and inspiring people to be a force of change in their own lives and communities. It’s also about celebrating all walks of life that make up the nation.

In Canada, we are extremely lucky to be able to voice our opinions, to challenge social norms and to speak out for what we believe in. Millions of women marched around the world last weekend to show support for marginalized communities but the demonstrations don’t all have to be worldwide. It can be a smile, a hello or an hour of something new.

There is a lot to gain from participating in community. Volunteerism builds up ideas, ideas bring change and change brings challenge.

It becomes a cycle of exploration, of trial and error and maybe most importantly, trying something new to see a better result.

Engage with youth. Engage with Aboriginal and Indigenous communities. Engage with nature. Engage in welcoming.

Engage in the Canada 150 movement because we have the freedom and the ability to do so. It’s a fantastic excuse to get to make a difference this year, and to create an impact for years to come.