Enjoying the simple pleasures in life

While listening to music over the holidays, I must have heard 1,000 renditions of My Favourite Things, which kind of annoyed me

While listening to music over the holidays, I must have heard 1,000 renditions of My Favourite Things, which kind of annoyed me, because it’s not even a Christmas song, it’s part of the Sound of Music soundtrack. According to Wikipedia, the “wintry imagery” of the song has led to it being adopted as a holiday tune, but I have never seen raindrops on roses or stinging bees in the winter. Anyway, I digress.

As I was saying, despite my frustrations and confusion, My Favourite Things is heard a lot during the Christmas season. Therefore, that song, combined with the heavy doses of friends and family visits I had over the season, made me start thinking about a few favourite things of mine.

As I went through the list of things that make me happiest when I’m feeling a bit down, as the list in My Favourite Things cheers up the singer, I came to realize it is the simplest things that I enjoy the most. At the top of my list for example, is clean laundry.

Going to bed after a long, productive day is always best with clean sheets. During the recent cold snap, I tried to wash and dry my sheets just before bed as an added bonus. That way, I not only got to sleep with clean sheets, I got to go to bed with sheets still warm from the dryer as well.

On that note, if you want to stay warm during winter’s coldest days, try throwing your clothes in the dryer for 20 minutes before getting dressed for the day. I think I speak for the general populace when I say that putting on clean underwear still warm from the dryer is one of the best feelings in existence.

While we are on the subject of keeping warm, I can add hot things to my list of favourites, yet simple, pleasures. Starting the day with a hot (and I mean come out still steaming hot, none of this warm nonsense) shower is the best way to start the day and a great way to dispel, at least temporarily, any stress or slight feelings of sickness left over from the night before (which are most likely very minor anyway if you went to bed with clean, warm sheets and are putting on clothes fresh from the dryer after your shower.)

If you need more than that to start your day, a hot beverage, tea, coffee, even hot chocolate should be more than enough to set you right. Similarly a hot beverage and a hot bath are a great way to de-stress from the day and prepare for the wonderful journey to bed.

Movies are great simple favourites. Everyone has their favourites that they have seen 1,000 times but still pop in whenever they need a pick me up. They don’t have to be good, they just have to be familiar or sentimental to you and that’s what makes them special. Familiarity is comforting and there is nothing better than curling up on your couch to watch a favourite flick on the tube.

Finally, to go full circle, there is music. Cranking up the tunes from your favourite band, singer or composer so loud you can hardly think is a great way to indulge for a few quick minutes when necessary. If you live with roommates or family in your home who don’t share your tastes, sound-canceling headphones are a great investment.

Now, if you will excuse me, it’s been a long and productive day so I think I have earned some time in front of the TV watching one of my favourite shows (Corner Gas) while enjoying my favourite snack (cheese and crackers) with some hot tea. Then it’s time for a hot bath before going to bed with clean, warm sheets. Good night.